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Best of my Last order

New to snuff, so I'm trying different flavours and producers.

This one was hands down the best of my first and most recent order.

Pleasant aroma and lingering cooling sensation. Not strong minty though like a menthol cigarette. Plus, I can reap the benefits of CBD!

A great madras

Very good nicotine, quite sharp but leaves this sweet rich aroma of tobacco, coco, and a nutty barnyard type smell that comes off savory underneath the sweet. Excellent snuff, especially for the price.

Summertime in a Sachet

Aromas of freshly cut hay, citrus, and mint leaves are all mixed together in perfect proportion in this snuff. Roughly half an hour after taking it, the scents die down and you're left with a clean smell and just a bit of that fresh hay aroma. This pervasive scent of hay is likely the smell of the specially-cured tobacco(s). These aromas are very well-suited to the warmer months of the year. Knowledge of tobacco cultivars from years of pipe smoking gives me no help in discerning what sort of tobacco is in this snuff. What I am certain of is that it's obviously well-suited to making snuff, and the Rosinskis definitely have a talent for making snuff.

Because its moisture content is fairly low and the grind is medium-coarse (very similar in texture to Sir Walter Scott's demi-gros snuffs), it will be a little harder to take for some, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Aside from its unreliable availability, there is absolutely nothing about this snuff that I don't love. Opening up this little bag and seeing green-colored snuff was very strange at first, but now I see it as a welcoming sight.

Snuv Everest 10g
romulo tirri

Indeed, I cried like a baby and I loved how spicy and strong it is, a good surprise, since it is the first time I have tried, I recommend it, only for strong and brave males;)

Dark and musky

Himtaj is very musky, sweet, and mentholated. The grind is fine, but it's not too dry, so you can take a good pinch without the snuff hitting your throat.

Dr.Rumney's Green
Brandon Cote
Ouzo for the nose

I don't know if I agree with the description of "balanced" for this snuff. The other florals may compliment the flavour but all I really get out of it is anise or licorice and menthol. It smells like a shot of Ouzo or Sambuca with a dollop of menthol. I first ordered this because it was the only snuff in stock with lavender (I love toque lavender) and didn't get what I was hoping for but still fell in love. I would highly recommend.

Wilsons Irish No. 22
Brandon Cote
Very good toast

If you're a fan of F&T's high dry toast than this is a must have. Has a very similar scent to it, buttery, slightly sweet and slightly smoky. Has a really silky feel to it for how dry it is. I find it easy to snuff for being a toast as well. It has just enough nicotine that you don't have the urge to blow and snuff more after your first pinch like I find myself doing with others.

Take with grain of salt

This is not a big snuff bottle. This in my opinion is for a cherished snuff that you may want on the night stand for when you just awake or just before bed. The cap is plastic which is nice because it is more durable and not prone to the problems of cork. When using this jar you will have to enjoy from boxcar technique. Estimated amount held would be around a gram and one half.


Overall good design. This tin has heft to it so you know if it’s in your trouser pocket. Hinge allows to open to a full ninety degrees. Wish the other colors were in stock.

SNUV Rusty Trombone
Brandon Cote
Rusty Trombone

I got this because I'm a fan of high nic snuffs and plain snuffs. This however isn't a very plain snuff, like someone mentioned in their review it has a perfume or incense scent in it, almost like a cross between dholakia white and some other dholakias mixed. It definetly could have had more of a punch to it too. I really like it but I was hoping for something a bit different and for that I'm only giving it 3 stars.

Smells like dip

The first impression I got from this snuff was that it smells like copenhagen dip. After a minute I was able to pick out some of the coffee flavour to it. Definelty has tobacco as the main flavour profile though. Has a course grind and more moisture than most English snuffs, also packs a real nic hit to it, which I wasn't expecting.

Bernard Jubilaums 10g
ennio cartoccio

A slight smoke, Menthol, fruit, like strawberry and rasperry behind the smoke.. truely, this is a top notch top shelf snuff. nasal clearing and clogging.

Wilsons Royal George
Dennis Garrett
horny bunnys sangria

I was impressed with this snuff smell of flavor is horny bunnys 6 foot tall blonde webcam model team. (on chaturbate) sangria grape drink beverage and baby powder! Since I was seven year old boy keep running into these two super model blonde women in their 20s that never get old because they have some hollywood look alike agency supplying them! so I was watching them on chaturbate and got the snuff today and thats what it smelled like these two blonde women in there 20s and a grape beverage drink and baby powder it is great! and in my mid twenties one of them was in a microwavegun earthquake and fire attack together where the government wiped out the house owners on a fancy hill top neighbor hood and we both survived!

6 Photo Assorted
Dave Hickey
Snuff bliss!!

Love every one of these great snuffs..Ive already ordered a tin each of Super Kailash and Green Dragon..Im sure 6 Photo is of the finest in the world


This product is perfect for my snuff. Lots of room compared to other bullets I own. Solid product and works perfectly for many different snuff grinds....powder to gravel size ;-). Shipping on this item very fast from the continent to the colonies.

Rockit Naked 10g
Jonathan Watts
Smooth and easy

Absolutely nothing outstanding here, but also nothing at all to complain about either.
Its not super fine, not course at all.
Pinches good, flows up with the inhale steadily, not in great lumps and doesn't fly immediately down the throat.
Scent seems natural, feels creamy if that makes sense.
I'm a vitamin N fiend, and this hits the spot after a couple of hits up each nostril, so not weak but not overpowering either.
Packaging is the same as dholakia, short plastic tub, suitable for spoons or pinching (I always decant then reseal and vacuum pack).
Being un"flavoured" it's good for chain snuffing with a few beers, and is good with tea, coffee, and after meals.
If I'm out with several snuffs, and a friend or newcomer to snuffs wants to try snuff, I would pick this one for them, as its easy to use, not mega strong in nic, and is just a pleasant mixed tobacco smell.
Its a good snuff.

Great Logo

Not a fan of the menthol but if you like it then it replicates smoking Newports pretty well. 5 stars because I love the logo.


I won't eat nuttella, its probably very tasty but it's mainly sugar and palm oil. That said, this snuff is absolutely delicious.
Its like nutty Joe, but with a lovely, clean whiff of hazelnut that lingers.
I like menthol snuffs in the morning, and dry, fine, Indian snuffs with a beer or 5, but after lunch, and dinner, this snuff, and nutty Joe, is delicious, like a good expensive bad for you dessert at a good eatery.
Its very moreish, almost makes my mouth water. I'm glad I got a few tins of this, and nutty Joe, just in case it doesn't come back for a while.

Surprisingly moreish

Expected not much from this, because of the price. Product is in a resealable bag in a cardboard box, which is maybe how they save costs a bit.
I decanted some, vacuum sealed the rest as usual.
Then sniffed some up, and was very pleasantly surprised. I'm not a massive menthol fan apart from first thing in the morning, but this snuff is mildly menthol/minty. I've read others say it reminds of toothpaste, the minty cream stuff in a tube, not dentifrice, and I can see why, and I actually find it delicious because its mild, not overpowering at all.
Its very fine, I don't mind that, I just hold and roll pinches slightly further from nostril and inhale slightly less vigorously.
The menthol, if that's what it is, is mild enough for me to chain sniff this with a few beers, and I can't do this with any other menthol snuff.
Nicotine is good, tobacco scent is good.
Will definitely order this again.


Excellent, love Samuel gawith,mastiff and afterglow current favs. Great shipping and delivery.

Samuel Gawith Mastiff
Patrick Myers

Love it. Great aroma, love the texture and sits perfectly in my nostrils. Wonderful product.

My order by the case, two cans a week, everyday fill your head favorite.

After years of trying every type of snuff, and letting most of them dry out in my NEVER AGAIN drawer, I found Grand Cairo I am not your average snuff user, I have a serious habit, and I usually do two pinches in each nostril every time. Grand Cairo never fails to keep my nose moist, always has a consistent satisfying taste and smell.
This and the Gold Label SP is all I order. Never waist money trying new snuff again.

Dragon Madras 100g
Jonathan Watts
Excellent tobacco scent

Lovely large container. Mid brown, mid find grind but still pinches. For me, there's a certain sharpness on the first sniff, which soon disappears, and a slight barnyard smell which I like in Indian products, leaving a long lingering, lovely tobacco scent. For me, it's almost a cigar like smell that stays a good while. Vitamin N is satisfying. I love all snuffs, rotate many in a day, but keep coming back to this one for unflavoured tobacco enjoyment.


This one exceeded my expectations, nice and moist, hits great once it's in it opens up all the passages in your head for a breath of fresh air. It lasted a good while, wonderful nose feel, and N hit. I love it. There was a faint smell of what I could describe as playdough but it was a great scent. I'll keep this one with me constantly.

Very nice

The bean hurt going up not like the worm in tequila... just kidding. I didn't snuff the bean. it was wonderful smells better than a coffee house, pinches and hits great, wonderful moisture. Would def order again. Snuv is putting out some bangers.