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White Fox Double Mint White Portions 15g
John Ellis (Grande Prairie, CA)
Decent tobacco free

I got this completely by accident as it was sent in error. I must say though I am pleasantly surprised, the double mint has a little bit of a burn on the gum but it goes away and you’re left with a pleasure mint almost spearmint flavour, the nicotine hit is decent and the pouch itself lasts about 40 minutes. I’ll definitely be ordering this on purpose next time.

Bernard Magic Moments Black 10g
J.A. (Richmond, US)
Get some before it’s gone!

After reading that Bernard’s might be shutting down for good, I decided to write a little review for any other snuff noobs on the fence.

I love the schmalzers! They’re so unique compared to the other snuffs that I think everyone should give them a shot. I thought the moisture level would bother me because of how oily they seem but it hasn’t felt much different at all once it’s up there.

The scents last forever too…. Very strong, very fruity and figgy. I can’t pull out strawberry or anything too specific but it’s extremely welcoming and pleasant.

This snuff noob loves it!

Albeit a bit difficult for me to sniff without getting some scratching my throat, I really love the complexity of the bouquet of aromas that St. James Parish blend brings to your nose.

For me it’s a heavier, muskier smell that has some kind of earthy, leathery hints to it in the best of ways. I find myself going back to this can every other pinch.

The texture and color is fantastic too. It’s fine but not overly so, soft, not too dry…

It’s expensive but you can definitely feel how much thought and care goes into creating SJP so it’s very worth it IMO.

B Kool Breath Freshener: Spearmint
R.L. (Belleville, US)
Perfect For Newbies

This is my favorite brand to introduce those who wish to start their journey as a loyal tobacco user. I smoke, dip and now snuff daily. I was craving more of this brand only 1 hour after a break.

Poschl Radford Premium 10g
Tino Villagaray (Lanham, US)
It's Greaaat!

I absolutely love this snuff. It is one of Poschl's best!

Black Baboon Hypothermia Vape
John S. (East Wenatchee, US)
Black baboon hypothermia vape

It’s a really good disposable vape. Good smoke, strong hit and nice buzz. Highly recommend.

6 Photo Assorted
Jesse Webber (Oakland, US)
Not much variety

I tried this and McChrystal. Really a lot of mint, menthol, herb choices in this pack. I feel like they could have offered a better spread. If you prefer those types then it might be perfect. I had high hopes for chocolate and coffee but cmon mint? No thanks. Oh, I will say the tubs were absolutely stuffed to bursting. Definitely a good value here.

McChrystal's Assorted Mini
Jesse Webber (Oakland, US)
Well rounded

Well rounded variety pack. I tried this one and the six photo. Definitely liked this one better. Aztec was by far my favorite but, there were some other good ones. If you are new to snuff or just want a good variety this is a great choice.

SNUV Rusty Nail Snuff 15g
J.M. (Chicago, US)
The link to 6 photo is obvious

Excellent hint of Indian snuff here, which happens to be one of my favorites. I could not make this a regular go-to snuff, but the flavors are balanced and the menthol complimentary.

Poschl Lowen Prise 10g
Casey Taylor (Killeen, US)
Classiest of Classics

One should always have a box in the snuff drawer. Truly great.

Simply Snuff Buccaneer 30g
Luke Greenhough (Taunton, GB)
Out of this world

This is very different to anything ive ever experienced.. upon opening this tin I was greeted with what one would describe as amaretto and cherry. Very pleasant but still a slight menthol. I didn't wait around before jumping straight in! Fine grind, loads of moisture and very easy to bump. Once in the nose I get all the things mentioned above but with a spicy floral note backed by a slam of menthol, don't over do it though as the nicotine slowly catches up. I will definitely continue to use this is my rotation. As Simon would say this is definitely a top Banana thats for sure!

Viking Dark 20g
John Burmester (Hackbridge, GB)
Viking Dark 20g

Great moist snuff. Nice and strong. Gives you a nice high. Very reasonable price.

It contains non of the disgusting menthol oil a lot of other snuffs have.

Will definitely be ordering more.

Snuv Black Eye 15g
James Keep (Terre Haute, US)
Black and Strong

WOW. This is without a doubt, a masterpiece. Black and Strong, like a fine dark roast coffee. As soon as you open the tin, you are greeted with the lovely aroma of freshly ground coffee and a hint of vanilla, cocoa, and caramel. Fluffy and sits in the nose softly, developing more character, and flavor, the longer you leave it. I cannot recommend this snuff, enough.

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McChrystal's Jip! 4.4g
Zachary R (Stuarts Draft, US)

Loved it for my first snuff. Glad I got some before y'all sold out. The menthol was great for clearing my nose. Need to get a sample box to try some without menthol. Thank you Mr. Snuff!!! I will be back

Gold Eagle Medic Ate It 5g
Luke Greenhough (Taunton, GB)
Very Good.

I quite like this one. Medium to fine on the grind light brown in colour. Great moisture. can't really get any base flower. But a strong medicated snuff will definitely go back to this one again

Poschl JBR Wintergreen 10g
Zane Alter (Phoenix, US)
JBR Wintergreen

very pleasant, could last a little longer

Poschl Alpina 10g
G.M. (Middletown, US)
Hands down the best!!

Redbull and amostrinha both was my go to snuff for years but I decided to try this alpina and omg! Even tho they are all different this one has the best scent and taste I have yet to try. Wish they came in 30gram cans

Grizzly Wintergreen Pouches

These pouches are delicious and give a great nicotine hit.
They are sweet and have a Sarsparilla flavour.
Hands down my favourite dip/chew.👍

I'm new to snuff taking, this snuff is very course and tastes awful,but it does help my anxiety, which is why I stated taking snuff, I find if I mix it with Dholakia it tastes better and not quite so hard on the throat

Dholakia Aniseed Menthol 9g
Luke Greenhough (Yeovil, GB)
Not bad

This isn't that bad it's not bang on but is definitely aniseed. The menthol isn't strong though and it doesn't last long. Dark brown in colour. Med moisture and pretty smooth.

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Simply Snuff Horse Feathers 30g
Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)

Snuffs generally fall into traditional types such as: plains, menthols, toasts, SPs, florals, fruits, spices, etm. Each manufacture has a different style depending on the base tobacco used and the dosage of toppings applied, but usually the outcome is both predictable and defined. It is rare to find a new or unique flavour combination. While I have had many anis flavoured snuffs, I have never tried one in which star anis and sweet basil are combined. Similar in structure to SNUV’s “Black Ice” (which is one of my favourites), the basil combined with anis really creates a new offshoot in snuff’s evolutionary tree.
At first address “Horse Feather’s” surprises and may be off-putting. This fluffy, brown, medium-ground snuff smells of Pernod steeped in basil. Upon uptake, its sweet burn brings forth the combination of basil and star anise support by allspice, flowers and perhaps a hint of clove. As it lingers, its brilliance rises like the morning sun and memories of Provence flood the frontal lobes. Definitely a foodsnuff, I had the pleasure of enjoying it with a traditional Bouillabaisse accompanied by rouille and pan roasted bread. Excellent with bruschetta, I am certain that “Horse Feathers” has a place at any Mediterranean meal. Well verse in nicotine, it will heighten the senses and carry you through the craving for a post-epicurean nap.

McChrystal's Jip! 4.4g
Luke Greenhough (Exmouth, GB)
One of my go-to

Jip is absolutely Legendary I use this stuff daily and love it. Med-fine grind by the moisture makes up for it for sure.

Dholakia Berry Frost 9g
Luke Greenhough (Exmouth, GB)
Am I missing something..

This one really confused me I mean I get completely no berries or frost.. it's nice fine grind with tones of moisture and gives a lovely burn but I sadly cannot get any of the flavourings mentioned.

FUBAR Medicated Filter Tabaq 10g
Arjun P Menon / പഴേടത് അർജുൻ മേനോൻ (Paris, FR)

FUBAR Medicated Filter Tabaq 10g

J & H Wilson Top Mill 5g
Nate (Derry, US)
Fresh Bergamot - Citrusy and Floral. Very Good. No Darker Scents, Mild Base.

I ordered the Med #99, and Sp#1 along with this Top Mill, and this is the best of the bunch, This is what I was looking for that bergamot scent. To the contrary to some of the other reviews there is absolutely NO "big, meaty notes of earth, biscuit, leather, toffee, peaty, peppery"...... Maybe that reviewer was having a coffee with their snuff. Nonetheless the Top Mill has a stronger bergamot scent than #01. I'm okay with this but in the future I might go with a different brand that has a bergamot product.