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Snuv Iron Goddess of Mercy
j.A. (Smallfield, GB)
Great snuff

Just bought this product and have found it to be a very pleasant snuff, you can't have enough off. Thanks MrSnuff

Snuv Iron Goddess of Mercy
Arne Schulz (Hamburg, DE)
I don't know.

Somehow, all the flavors above described are in it, but the taste lasts only a minute. The only flavor that's intense is the menthol. I'd like to love the snuff, but there is no flavor explosion, no intensity.

Makla Africaine Al Kantara 20g
MOLINÈS Romain (Castanet-Tolosan, FR)
Makla Africaine Al Kantara

Fast reception, good gear thank you Mr snuff

Exceeds Expectations

I tried this product because it was on sale. My ‘go to’ is Siberia and honestly I wasn’t expecting too much from Fubar…it’s sort of implied by the name. I have re-ordered Fubar Natural 3 times now and it has taken a permanent place in my rotation. Long lasting, sweet not salty, but not sickly sweet, clean. A long lasting intoxicating burn with remembrance of my first strong pouch, yet like nothing else I’ve tried to date. Fubar is full of that delightful gum sensation that ramps up to almost intolerable, but then quickly fades to relief again and again.

Poschl Red Bull Strong 7g
Brett Waldrop (Seattle, US)
red bull snuff

redbull is my favorite, top shelf for sure, i can see why its sold out , next time ill really stock up !

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Wilsons SM Gold
Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
Medicated Baseline

S M Gold is a great example of what a prototypical medicated snuff should be. It is the Platonian form from which all other medicated snuff aught to be judged. S M Gold consists of four base ingredients: burley tobacco, menthol, camphor and eucalyptus, mixed in the right proportions to clear the sinuses and sharpen olfaction. Medium across the board, S M Gold forms the baseline to which all medicated snuffs can be compared or calibrated. Some snuffs will be better, many will be worse; these are all matters of taste. But when one asks what medicated snuffs are like, Sharrow Medicated Gold defines the genre to perfection.

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Wilsons SM Blue
Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
Warm Dry Sauna

Advertised as WoS’ equivalent to Dr. Rumney’s Blue, to my taste they are pleasantly indistinguishable. To confirm my suspicions, I took a shot of either product simultaneously up each nostril and can wholeheartedly affirm, through rigorous scientific nasal testing, that they are one and the same. Not wanting to play Detective Colombo for too much longer, that is what tends to happen when products are made in the same factory by people who follow the same recipe. As unpleasant a cold wet sauna can be, the addition of camphor and citrus turns this Sharrow Medicated mixture into a relaxing warm sauna experience. I happily recommend.

White Elephant
Kevin Cutler (Prince George, CA)
Amazing with caution

This is a ultra light fine snuff! Has a nicotine hit and pleasant burn with a light aroma of a fresh cut field and a light tobacco taste that makes me have a few tiny bumps in a row. It’s difficult to snuff! Drop a small bump cover it with that nostril and VERY SLOWLY inhale through the other nostril.... that’s the most comfortable and controlled way I’ve found to thoroughly enjoy the White Elephant 41!
No ammonia or sea/fishy smell from my 20grm tin.

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Wilsons M Plus
Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
Spring Mint

After the spring thaw, I till the soil of my garden with wheelbarrow loads of fresh compost. The first herb to return after the long winter’s frost is a much-maligned patch of mint, which I roughly pluck for tea on a daily basis, until the snow covers it up again. That first spring mint always has an earthier flavour, umami-like, which slowly fades away from the leaves as the days get longer.

“M. Plus” is very similar to WoS’ “M.” and “Extra M.”, save for its slightly darker colour and its earthier mushroom flavour. Cocoa brown and fluffy in the tin, M. Plus is of medium grind and offers only the slightest of burns upon uptake. A pleasant snuff without nicotine rush, the eucalyptus and camphor are mere understudies to the mint.


This is the best snuff I've tried even if I'm new to the game

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Wilsons Super M
Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
Shovel Worthy

There are days in the Canadian Winter where it just does not stop…snowing. Days where you must start shovelling again before you had the time to take off your boots. Those days must be faced with saintly patience and good stimulants to see you through the…work. High in both menthol and nicotine, Super M. is the kick in the back of the pants you need on such snowy…days. With a small burn and no sneeze, this light brown snuff’s menthol flavour is embellished by eucalyptus, camphor, green citrus and nitrox oxide. Not for the faint of heart, Super M. will see you through the blizzard and carry you to your overstuffed couch once the shovelling is finally…done.

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Wilsons Extra M
Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
Mint Julep

Similar to WoS’ “M.”, this rust brown medium ground snuff is essentially the same product but with a higher dosage of menthol. Without burn or sneeze, Extra M. delivers a good rush of nicotine.

To make a traditional Mint Julep, one muddles 4 mint leaves, to which is added a teaspoon of powdered sugar, 2oz of Bourbon and 2 teaspoons of fizzy water. The concoction is then shaken and poured over shaved ice into a silver Julep Cup. Another way is to snort some Extra M. and have some Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey, straight from the bottle. No need to speculate on which method is most convenient.

Wilsons Africa
K.K. (Red Deer, CA)

A Medium coarse snuff dark but not as dark best dark by wos it has a nice burn . Smokey like a toast with an amazing dark chocolatey finish that stays when sniffed. Tin note is mostly chocolate. A great snuff ! Would definitely recomend.

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Wilsons M
Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)

With snuff, sometimes I want to blow my brains out. I want to go on a ride that permits me to discover a wild array of flavours and burn my nostrils to oblivions. Sometimes, however, I want to go back to the basics. Like with food, I sometimes want a simple meal that highlights the base pleasure of fresh ingredients. M, is such a simple meal. It has no artifice or garage pyrotechnics. It is just tobacco and menthol, medium ground with a nice nicotine hit…and its great. To the novice it is an introduction, to the initiated a reminder of what snuff was meant to be…a moment to pause and enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer.

Jaxons Alpine V
Kegan Kilpatrick (Red Deer, CA)
Alpine V

Similar to toque vanilla except the vanilla is alot stronger in the nose. It also has an amazing sp after note. Fine grind,easy to sniff... overall awesomeness

Absolutely Wonderful

Just as they describe. Reminds me of standing in the middle of the raspberry bushes when I was a child. I would rub some of the raspberry's into my nose to cover the smell when we would go take care of the pigs after working in the garden. Minus the menthol and the kick this gives to my head of course. Just lovely. Highly recommend to beginners. If you're not into the mentholated, try the Reaper. Sometimes I even mix them.

6 Photo Begum Pathan Snuff 50g
Tyler Miles (Denver, US)
Begum Brand Pathan Snuff

Interesting product. I'm a regular dipper of Copenhagen long cut (this is nothing like that). It comes in a metal tin and looks like a hockey puck of moist dirt. The taste is pleasant but texture is like clay on your tongue. Decent nicotine hit. I'm glad I tried it but most likely won't buy again.

Snuv Black Rose 15g
Joseph Odle (Amarillo, US)
Excellent and has quickly become a favorite

This has a very nice long lasting slightly musky rose scent to me with a pleasant bold nicotine content which just keeps lingering and is a very nice experience. I could easily see myself whiffing several cans of this a week.

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Wilsons Ripple
Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
On a Winter's Day

After twisting open the tin, Ripple offers-up aromas of wet leaves mixed with menthol. Rusty red and of medium grind, uptake provides for a mild menthol burn that provokes no sneezes. As the burn dissipates, the camphor and raspberry become discernible and interplay nicely with the mint. Nicotine levels are medium to low. Similar in construction to other menthol and fruit mixes, such as apricot, this raspberry incarnation does not seem to have added sugar or talcum to clog-up the sinuses. Its cooling sensation widens the eyes and sharpens the senses, helping supply an extra spring in one’s steps. Like a loyal gun dog, Ripple provides perfect accompaniment to an upland walk on a cold winter’s day.

Dholakia Manjul
Dennis Garrett (Reno, US)
Manjul and green dragon! The 4th of july in your nose!

This snuff is very good with green dragon took a pinch of both and I was in a fruit juice commercial with fruit juice flavors flying out of my nose! a good christmas treat these two snuffs are! Buy both! spices mints fruit juice flavors!

Fribourg and Treyer High Dry T
Hanmilka (Beijing, CN)


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Wilsons Jockey Club
Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
Tatiana Romanova

Jockey Club has nothing to do with horses or the men who race them. Named for a Day Lily this floral snuff is high in nicotine, relatively moist and of slightly coarse grind. Floral without tasting like perfume, it offers-up a short burn upon uptake that does not linger. Somewhat feminine, it tastes like a Cosmopolitan. Seductive, Jockey Club is perfectly matched to syrupy vodka shots, straight from the freezer, and caviar blinis. I fantasize of Tatiana Romanova, languishing on the bed of her Orient Express first-class compartment, with a tin deeply hidden in the pocket of her fur coat, neatly tucked next to her service revolver.

FUBAR Boss 30g
Abraham Bernstein
FUBAR is Army Green!!

Spices that I can’t figure out…………. Then the menthol! It takes a minute to get the menthol at all!! VERY GOOD!! Very fine grind and very dry!!! And now for something totally different!!! Not like anything else I have, but I’m enjoying it!!!!

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Wilsons Rows of Sharrow
Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
Rose of Sharron

“I am the rose of Sharron, and the lily of the valleys. As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters.” Song of Solomon 2:1 & 2. A homophone, cocoa brown Rows of Sharrow has a slightly coarse grind, is moderately moist and has a high nicotine content. It also clumps well and is easy to pinch. In a similar vein to Royal George, Rows of Sharrow, however, pulls no punches. Upon opening the tin, the waves of rose water and sweetness mislead us into believing that we are about to consume a mere confectionery. But on uptake, it pricks the nose with an intensely citrusy burn that opens the eyes and refocuses attention. As it dissipates, the florals evolve, moving beyond rose towards lily or even hibiscus. A joy to take, Rows of Sharrow is truly a lily among the thorns.

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Wilsons Gold Label
Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
Bonnie Elizabeth Parker

Wilsons’ Gold Label is your typical SP…until it is not. Russet brown of medium grind, this snuff offers you the typical Bergamot and Neroli Oil mix that is the signature of all SPs. Like a soccer mom’s station wagon, it is both dependable, predictable and rather ordinary…until you see a police cruiser in your rear-view mirror and you step on the gas. Under the bonnet of Gold Label’s tin is rush of nicotine that surprises you, like finding a nitrous oxide kit hidden under the hood of your mother’s car. Intense, Gold Label will wake you far better than any cup of Earl Grey ever will. Tread with caution.