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Cool Lip Filter Tabbaq 4.2g
I want to order but I don't know my address in Croatia am new here

I want to order but I don't know my address in Croatia am new here .I can give you my number

Dholakia Grape Concord
US Customer (Miami, US)
Really enjoyed it!

It smells just like sweet grapes and it is pretty strong. Was a bit dryer than what I am used to with English snuffs like McChrystals but was enjoyable and did not make me sneeze or give me drips.

I am enjoying Indian snuffs so much that I may just buy all Indian snuffs from now on.

Cool Lip Filter Tabbaq 4.2g
khalif (Calgary, CA)
FreshCool lip-5 star service

Excellent product, fresh and received in Canada in 2 weeks. No custom hold or duties. Thanks so much.

Wilsons Gold Label
Matthew Francis (Indianapolis, US)
Great Strong SP

Gold Label is one of the more strongly scented SP snuffs produced by Wilsons of Sharrow. Offering a fairly strong nicotine hit, this snuff presents powerful neroli, bergamot, lemon, and lime aromas that are supported by hints of lavender as well as subtle scents of earth, wood, cracker, and biscuit from the base tobacco(s). The grind is medium-fine but can feel a bit dusty at times. Moisture content is medium or slightly lower. Though this is not a particularly complex snuff, it is highly enjoyable. If you have ever yearned for an SP snuff that offers huge citrus notes, then this snuff may very well be the one for you.

J & H Wilson S.P. No.1
Matthew Francis (Indianapolis, US)
Classic, Tasty SP

J.&H. Wilson's S.P. No.1 is a classic SP-type snuff that delivers exactly what one would expect. Delightful notes of bergamot, lemon, and lavender float above base notes of earth, wood, grass, toffee, leather, and biscuit. The grind is medium-fine and slightly moister than some of the other SP snuffs out there, so this snuff does not come off as dusty and sits in the nose very well. The nicotine content is moderately high. For the most part, this is a balanced snuff suitable for any occasion or time of day. Fans of traditional English snuffs would likely love it.

Poschl Red Bull Strong 7g
T. V. (Washington, US)
One of Poschl's finest!

Ride this bull to menthol heaven. One of my favorite medicated snuffs! There's a reason this is one of the most popular snuffs on the market.
If you like menthol, this is the one.

“Smells like the forest”

That’s what the guy at the tobacco shop in Vienna said. I asked for a German snuff and this is what he recommended. It is fantastic. Spruce and smoke. I don’t usually go for menthols, this is not overpowering at all. He said it best “it smells like the forest.”

Odens No.3 Extreme 18g
Aaron S. (Burlington, US)
Pretty good snus

Doesn’t feel as strong as some the other oden’s blends, but has a good flavor. Mr. Snuff will treat you right every time ensuring you have a a 5 star experience!

Siberia -80 Degree Black Portion 20g
Aaron S. (Burlington, US)
Very strong snus

If you’re looking for high powered snus, but don’t like mint (like me), then you should give this a try. Great taste and super strong. Excellent service from Mr. snuff as always. It’s right the first time every time, and if it isn’t they will make up for it in spades so that the customer always comes out on the right end of the situation.

PROPris Mini
Aaron S. (Burlington, US)
Great tool

Great tool. It makes a very nice, compact cylindrical pris that holds together for a long time and gives a great nicotine hit. Much better alternative to the plastic versions that are out there. I just wish I could find the “classy” size of propris, as I wish the mini was just a hair bigger. Excellent service from Mr. snuff as always, you can’t beat these guys.

Odens 79 Extreme 18g
Aaron S. (Burlington, US)
Excellent snus

Pretty stout, great earthy flavor. Another great one from oden’s. Excellent service from Mr.snuff as always. Two words sum their policy up “customer focused” and the exhibit every sense of that!

Amazing as usual

Earthy chocolate tobacco. Damn near want to sprinkle this shit on my Starbucks laughing 🤣! I've rubbed it on my gums like it's coke ( only in my younger year buddy )
It's like Christmas every time mail comes.
Every product I've tried from Scott's is in my normal rotation . Try keeping them in the freezer, something about it being ice cold is nice too.

You already know !

Smokey as f_-k . I take 3 or 4 pinches a time and when I break a sweat I'm happy.

They were out of the small tins and I got the what seems like a bucket load . My nose reassured me " I got this".
Trying to find a Sir Walter Scott's product I don't like!

Poschl Lowen Prise 10g
Matthew Francis (Indianapolis, US)
Complex and Approachable Aniseed Snuff

From what I gather, Lowen-Prise is one of Poschl's more popular snuffs, and it is easy to understand why this may be true. Like the other Poschl snuffs I have tried, Lowen-Prise is gentle and approachable, yet it simultaneously offers a great deal of complexity and depth. The menthol is front and center in the nose without being overpowering or harsh. One can find delightful impressions of anise, camphor, peppermint, cola, juniper, fir, and wintergreen lurking just beneath the surface once the menthol settles. The tobacco base contributes additional impressions of earth, dark chocolate, grass, moss, wood, and straw to provide balance. The snuff is of a medium-coarse grind and moderate moisture. It sits in the nose very well, and the aromas it offers linger a respectable amount of time. The nicotine content is higher than one might expect, so this snuff also packs a bit of a punch. It can easily sneak up on you if you do a lot of it in one go. If you are careful with it and take your time in getting to know it, Lowen-Prise can provide a tremendously rewarding snuffing experience. It is a snuff that anyone seeking to gain a familiarity with the Poschl range really should try.

Works well

I've been ordering this one before and it worked well for me, I've been trying to stop smoking for long time now,and let me tell you I have been trying all of the possible ways . Twists were the only ones that really did the work. Love the taste and the idea of bits , but man it's expensive. So is smoking. If you ready to quit,try Oliver twist,it sure does the job.+++!!!

Poschl Red Bull Strong 7g
Cato Skar Martinsen (Oslo, NO)
Good menthol

Very good menthol and no problem with shipping, come in the mailbox after 18 days😊

Bernard Postillion 10g
G.H.D. (Greensboro, US)
need name

does anyone know the name of the painting

Snuv Black Sinesis 15g
Lester Spencer (Richmond, US)
Fell In Love

This was the second Snuff I ever tried, first being SNUV Black Ice. Again, this looked to be of medium moisture and it felt soft and fluffy and that helped me use the pinch easier. The smell was a light but very pleasant aroma of fresh orange peels. I knew I was going to enjoy this one. My first pinch of this was immediate satisfaction. It quickly reminded me of summer as a young kid. I didn't feel any burn just a huge burst of fresh orange peels with a slight cooling sensation. With every breathe I took, the taste of the orange peel spread throughout the back and middle of my tongue. It literally made my mouth water. I've enjoyed this the most of the 3 Snuffs I've tried so far. The taste lasts forever and the pleasurable nicotine buzz did as well. Again, not overpowering, just a constant great feeling of nicotine. It lasted a good 25-30 minutes and I loved every minute of it. I just used a small pinch too. I really want to try more and find something else I like. I don't want to get burnt out on this, because it's great for after eating or anytime you want to relax. I've used it several times while walking my dog and it just makes everything much more enjoyable. Especially on these hot summer nights. If it gets better than this, I don't know how I'll be able to contain myself.

Snuv Black Ice 15g
Lester Spencer (Richmond, US)
I'm A Newbie

I'm a newbie when it comes to snuff. I've smoked cigarettes most of my life and started using General Snus 4 years ago. I've always wanted to try snuff and have always been curious as to why anyone would put tobacco in their nose, lol! After watching a few videos and watching people use it and really enjoy it, my mouth was watering so me and my brother put in small order. This ended up being the first Snuff I've ever tried. I don't have anything to compare it to but at first glance, it was black, kind of soft and fluffy, which made it real easy to pinch and control. It looked to be of medium moisture and the smell was of a well balanced menthol and some type of flower that I can't pinpoint. I'm sure there's more to it than that but having never used snuff, it was a small shock to my system, after using just a small pinch. Just a weird sensation. That just lasted a second. I quickly found it to be quite refreshing. The nicotine "buzz" was different than any other that I've ever felt. It wasn't overbearing or anything like that. It was just a constant good feeling that I've never felt with nicotine before. It's always either been way to much nicotine that makes you sick and woozy or not enough. Don't get me wrong. You get a little dizzy but the nicotine buzz was very enjoyable. The most pleasant I've ever felt. I can't wait to try more and discover all the different flavors, aroma's, complexities and depth that snuff has to offer. SNUV Black Sinesis was the second I tried. Reviewing it next. If anyone has suggestions on what I should try, please hit me up. [****]

Railroad Mills Rose Scented 30g
Peter l. (Lopez Island, US)
Sweet rose!! 🌹

Lovely scent of sweet rose water. The base flour is nice as well: a pleasant little sting to compliment the sweetness. For comparison, I've also tried Toque Rose (also an excellent selection, btw!), which is less sweet and heavier in the floral punch. Toque's base flour grind is silkier than this and slightly easier to take. But having tried both, this one is my favorite!

Paul Gotard Latakia 7g
Peter l. (Lopez Island, US)
Not quite sure...

I read that Latakia tobacco is a whole different experience. And I honestly don't think I'm quite ready for it. Gonna keep it around and go slow with this one. If Latakia is your thing or you wanna try something new, it's definitely worth a shot.


Sweet. A little too sweet for my taste. The nic hit is good and the initial flavor isn't terrible, but the back drip tastes like powdered sugar in the back of my throat. I mixed some of this with Silver Dollar scotch and it was a lot more tolerable.

White Elephant
Peter l.
My head a splode

This one is poooooooowerful! Be extremely careful taking this with a snuff spoon, as it can make your eyes water. Good used nasaly, but also nice as a dentifrice. The only thing I took a star off for was the can it came in: I cut my finger opening the lid. Other than that, the snuff is perfect!

Matthew Francis (Indianapolis, US)
Not For Everyone But Still Very Worthwhile

I have worked my way through two very different tins of Singleton's Super M to this point, and I tend to feel that it is a very good snuff, but it is likely not for everyone. Compared to many of the other Sharrow mentholated snuffs, Singleton's has a more restrained menthol presence and instead tends to highlight the base tobacco. The snuff is coarsely ground, dark, and of medium-low moisture. It delivers a noticeable yet not overwhelming menthol presence that underscores impressions of earth, hay, peat, smoke, wood, and leather. Something of a metallic tang can be picked up on the back end. The nicotine presence is powerful. Singleton's is a high nicotine snuff, and it is more than capable of knocking you flat if you go at it hard and fast. Overall, I feel that this is a snuff that is well worth a try, though it is more than a bit old-fashioned and requires some patience to fully appreciate.

Poschl Red Bull Strong 7g
G.B. (Four Oaks, US)
Now That's What I'm Talking About

Man oh man is this snuff good. Received my first box of Red Bull today and have not been able to put it down. I had read the reviews and just knew I had to try it and I am so glad I did. I like mentholated snuff and this one hits the spot. It will be in the rotation from this day forward. If you like mentholated snuffs then you have got to try Red Bull. Will be ordering the big box next order. Go grab you a box you can thank me later.