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I've been searching for a snuff box for a while now. Owning and losing several types of different ones. This one is by far the best one I have owned. Easy to use with one hand, holds a decent amount of snuff that last for a few days (for me,) and looks great. Recommending it to all my friends.

Smells like a flavored cigar

It smalls like a wine dipped cigar not in a bad way but not really something I enjoy. Smell lasts a long time. Would recomend if you enjoy the smell of wine dipped cigars

Wilsons Gold Label
Jeffrey Ealy
All time favorite

One of my all time favorites and a good all day snuff. Highly recommend

The Best Around

WoS's Grand Cairo is my daily go-to snuff. It's top drawer. I absolutely love it. Little burn, lemon zest, nice base tobacco beneath. Just perfect.

Subtle, Complex

I really appreciate this snuff. It's simple, and yet there's a lot going on. Wonderful base tobacco.

Toque Coke
Crypt Five
Coca Cola

Nails the Coca Cola syrup scent for me. Only complaint is it could be a bit stronger.

Bready Nic

A bready scent with a tremendous belt of nicotine. Highly recommended, especially if one is trying to quit smoking cigarettes.

Mango menthol Jungle Fever

Mango indeed! Nic hit is medium high for me, after 2-3 bumps there is a nice burn too. Menthol goes away faster than mango flavor which lingers for long. Quite nice fruity menthol snuff! I wish it was spearmint flavored..

6 Photo Cheeta
Solid & Down To Earth Snuff...

I like the Cheeta. It grabs your attention immediately when sniffed. I lightly sniff snuff. This stuff, just a wee pinch between thumb and index finger. Due to its dry nature, it fills and expands in the nostril well. I use to live in India in the state of Maharashtra for a couple of years as a pre-teen, and Cheeta reminds me of some of those early morning smells as we would depart in the early morning hours to the train station in Boisar, and travel to Bombay (now named Mumbai) twice a month. Very lite scents of dried grass, dried water buffalo patties, flowers, earth, life, etc. Decent Vitamin N that expands into the forehead area. Using the tip of the spoon of a Czech tool works fine as well. Except for the cow patties, I think you'll enjoy it... ;)

FUBAR Boss 30g
Subramani Lakshmanan
Fubar boss is begum green

Fubar boss is begum green or the new green dragon from six photo. Good one.

Rendezvous & Riviera

Exquisitely blended with notes of The Riviera. Haven't been to the Riviera? Been? I shall Dive in to what I feel makes this snuff Superb.

You love the sea? Floral notes to Tropical notes? French Riviera is worth the sniffs.

The sea, fresh salty sea air vibe, earthy vibes, port town without sea creatures smells. Floral is pronounced but the Balance of Sea Vibes along with a comforting warm buttery essence that is quite common in Indian Snuffs scores.

Nicotine hit I'd give a 5 of 10, burn 5 of 10. The notes are so well blended you can pinch a lot thus nicotine level can go easily to a 8 of 10. The Blend is very special to me with a nice fluffy factor moisture level 7 out of 10.

Easy to take with hints of tinge. Like with any Tins... Let it breathe when opened, gold spoon or snuff spoon to fluff snuff to open notes nicely within less than 30 minutes. Sailing, Boat-ing, Rooftop Dining, Beach, Lake, Night at Chic Casino Online offline, French Riviera pairs well.

Always remember you may not agree to the review vibes to agree with certain reviews.

This is worth the Dive...
In my POV... 5☆☆☆☆☆

No passport needed.

Cigara St Cistar
Cigara St Cistar Live

6 Photo Medicated No.6
Stephen Di Julia

Before we begin, a disclosure: I've been taking snuff on and off for over 10 years, but since I quit smoking, I've gotten a lot deeper. I really didn't want to give this snuff 5 stars, as I suspect there's a bit of review inflation on this site, but giving this anything less than five stars seems ... wrong. Really wrong. I love this snuff. Anyway, on with the show.

I'm not sure if I can do this snuff justice in a review. For reference, my first foray into Indian snuff was Medicated No. 666 (the one for you and me!), and I was really taken with it. So for my next order, I picked up a 6 Photo sampler, which of course included 8 grams of this gem. I prefer it to 666, the menthol is more of a background note here rather than the main event, letting the amazing spice profile shine (plus, less rebound). From the jar, you get cardamom and clove right away, but this is Indian snuff, and India has mastered the art of the making the whole more than the sum of its parts. In the nose, there is so, so much more going on, but it all blends together so well, it's hard to figure out exactly what's going on. I used to burn a lot of good Indian incense (mostly HEM, some Nag Champa, too) but I can't right now for reasons, so this snuff is like burning incense that only I can smell. Excellent! In fact, this kind of reminds me of HEM Champa.

The tobacco itself is moderately moist and very easy to take. It doesn't really add much flavor, the spices totally overpower it. And I'm fine with that. If I want tobacco, there's plenty of other choices out there. I'm not sure where I'm going with this review, I just really like this snuff and need to tell everyone how much I like it. It's cheap, it's good. Buy some. You'll like it!

Dholakia Manjul
Manjul 10g

Light brown in color with a fine grind that sticks together well. The clove is present but not over powering. Mint adds a nice light cooling effect. If you are looking to blow your face of with menthol then this is not your snuff, and for that reason I find this very enjoyable.

Sweet as a Peach

I stumbled across a can of this many years ago. I adored it. Kept it in my car and always had it right there in a pinch. When it ran out and I could no longer find it I was heartbroken. But here it is, and as tasty as ever. The word "sweet" hardly begins to describe it. It is a fine, dry, long-lasting experience that delivers great satisfaction both in terms of hit, scent, and flavor. No stuff is for everyone, but this snuff is a legendary stuff to me. Five years later it is just as good as I remembered it.

McChrystal's Assorted
Bradley Maston
Great Variety - Perfect sizes

I am so happy to have gone with this. It exceeded all expectations. The "sample size" buttons have more than enough for you to get acquainted with every single snuff in the pack. There were no duplicates and a tremendous example of the great diversity and quality of the McChrystal's line. Whether you are just starting with snuff or just wanted to try everything in one easy package this is a great buy.

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Wilsons Best SP
Eric Perlinger

High nicotine and of medium moisture, Best SP smells of wet pulp with a hint of Bergamot. It has slight burn on initial uptake and is great with Kentucky bourbon. I particularly enjoyed it with a cold wheat beer on a hot summer’s day. Perfect with coarse rye bread and a plate of sausages, it is a good friend to any biergarten fare.

McChrystal's Jip!
Bayne Balaski
Best all-rounder.

Jip has become my go to snuff. It is powerful with a great finish. So smooth and sweet. As mentioned by others it is a great sinus clearer. My snuff use has definitely gone up since I put this great product in to my collection.

McChrystal's Sturco
Bayne Balaski
Sturco has bite.

I find Sturco a little stronger in the menthol delivery than Jip, which is a favourite of mine. Definitely a great sinus clearer. It finishes on a more tobacco note for me. Not as smooth and sweet as Jip. Still a great addition to my collection.

Excellent little Indian selection box

After seeing a YouTube video, I ordered this along with the 6 photo selection. Both arrived on the mainland UK next day (thank you).
Opened it up, its full of little highly decorated plastic drums. I peeled the labels a bit, and carefully removed the caps. At first glance, some were fine ground, some more course, some dry and fluffy, some more moist. After trying quite a few, I decided I love almost all of them. For someone whose tried almost all English snuffs, a few German etc, these Indian snuffs make quite a lovely change. The one, small, issue is that the drums aren't easy to use from, they are mostly very full, to almost overspilling, and the shape of the drums would make it hard to pinch from as the level goes down, so I decant into things more suitable and label. Highly recommended.

6 Photo Assorted
Jonathan Watts
Excellent starter set for those wanting a change from English snuff

Saw a review of one of the snuffs from this box on YouTube. Ordered it immediately, along with the jnf selection. Arrived next day to the mainland (thank you). Excitedly opened the boxes for a look. Barrels decorated with bright labels, looking like mini fireworks. Peeled the label on several, carefully pulled off the caps, and had a first look and sniff. All good, some drier, some very moist, differing grinds. Tried lots, and wow! Some plain, a few nicotine free, some pleasantly floral, some blew my head clean off. I've tried every Wilsons of sharrow, mcchrystals, viking, and poschl, and the snuffs in this box are different but very good. The little drums are sometimes very full, and want to jump out when opened, so for me I decant every one into little watertight pill containers with little spoons attached, and label them with a dymo machine. I'm very pleased, and highly recommend this box.

Afghan White 45g
Rob Coons
Pretty epic imo

Being used to high dry toast, Rapee and perhaps the occasional moist German or South African, I had never tried white snuff and let me say it is a nice surprise.
This snuff is packaged by 6 photo as can be seen on the internal seal.
It smells dusty, but once it goes up the snout there is a spice and incense to it that if I didn't know it was from Afghanistan I would say is very Indian.
Be warned,it is quite strong, so little bumps at first lads.
Good aftertaste, but make sure you put it toward the front of the nose because otherwise the dust will go into your throat.
Very different, very nice.

More than a nicotine hit

The name is bold, and I anticipated a commensurate rush of nicotine. I was partly right, and partly wrong. If you’re a new snuff user, don’t let it repel you. Yes, the nicotine is there. It’s also at a level that is much more pleasant than you may guess from the packaging. I have read it described as “barnyard.” I think that is very fair. There are barnyard scents in the tobacco, but if you can wean yourself away from urbanite conceptions of what that means, there is something imminently comfortable about them. If you’re looking for snuff where you can feel the nicotine, this is for you. At the same time, it is a disservice to relegate this snuff to no more than delivering the nicotine hit. It has a barnyard/ wood lot scent that is untamed and masculine. The tin arrives full to overflowing.

Sensual beyond compare

Seville is the most sensual tobacco you will ever put into your snoot. Hands down. A pinch goes in, and you’re suddenly lolling on the perfumed bedsheets of an uptown bordello in 18th century Paris. It’s outright decadent, and possibly sinful. If you are drawn to a mild nicotine snuff, redolent of a woman’s body, then you should buy every tin available from Mr. Snuff. If you’re a monk, having a dry spell, or otherwise not immune to carnal insinuation, don’t put yourself through this. It’s too much. Know your limits and look elsewhere. This snuff is decadent in a way that is hard to describe.

Not what you expecct

When I first saw, The Navigator, my assumption was that it would carry scents of myrrh and sandalwood from far off ports to my eager nostrils. I was wrong. The Navigator seems placed to remind the navigator of home, and a rustic home at that. It smells like a hay loft. Not a hay loft with fresh cut hay. An old hay loft that’s been sitting for a while, where you lit up a pipe of pedestrian tobacco. It’s unremarkable if you’re looking for fruit, menthol, or even the “oiled leather” aroma of other snuffs. If you’re looking for something dependably comfortable - like an old hay loft - it’s delightful. The nicotine hit is above average, but still pleasant. There is a mild “burn,” and it is very fine, so don’t snort it in like a horse. I imagine this snuff is particularly pleasant on a crisp autumn day, if you’re out of doors. If you prefer tobacco-forward snuffs with homey aroma, and solid nicotine, this is worth a try. Do not expect an overflowing tin. It comes about half full.

How many pines are a pinewood ice forest?

Really a christmas pinch. At the beginning it would taste like menthol, but the pine scent stays inside. Smooth, relaxing and fresh. Great forest to walk. A little resemblance with Dr. Verey's Plus.