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SNUV Nutella Snuff - Limited Edition 15g
Joseph Valicko (Brooklyn, US)
Chocolate Greatness

Wonderful chocolate snuff for the nose! I hope this stays around for awhile. Grew up on it and love it!

Snuv Iron Goddess of Mercy 15g
Burny (Chicago, US)
Great Snuff

Got this on sale and was quite surprised how much I liked it. Will definitely become a repeat purchase!

SNUV White Crack 15g
Russell Walsh (Manchester, GB)
Wonderful ☺️

This has become one of my all time favourite snuffs. It's so refreshing. It's very finely ground but it's fluffy. The flavour to me is cardamom like Med No6 as apposed to peppermint, but whatever it's is, it's refreshing! 😌

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Poschl Lowen Prise 10g
Brandon Arthur (Reading, US)

Love this one, very minty ,mentholated ,notes of licrorice with a cooling sensation, will be my go 2 winter snuff 8/10

Bernard Aecht Alt Schmalzler 10g
Paul Przewoznik (Mechanicsburg, US)
oh boy

This snuff packs quite the wollop of nicotine. I get a strong taste of plums. My first rustica! Would definitely recommend as long as you can handle some drip.

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Bernard Brazil Doppelt Fermentiert 10g
Brandon Arthur (Reading, US)
This is it!

I can smell what the talks about ,absolutely astounding, very comforting ,I get a plummy scent with a touch of sour apple nicely paired with your favorite wine .will definitely be buying more ,it made my top 5

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McChrystal's Star Gazer 8.75g
Brandon Arthur (Reading, US)
Black Licorice

Terrific snuff love the licorice aromas .4 stars because of the grind being more powdery than others I tried .not hard to get a drip with this one .


Absolutely astounding. Easy to take stuff , cant get enough , a little burn followed by a scent of citrus, best paired with a lager .could definitely bump this all day also well paired with mc crystals star gazer in my opinion

McChrystal's Original and Genuine 21g
Sheldon S. (Elkhart, US)
daily driver

There's a reason this has been around so long. O & G has the perfect balance between menthol, vitamin N, and tobacco. If I could only have one, this would be it. It's the only snuff I can take all day long and never grow tired of it.

Simply Snuff Duck Soup 30g
Michael T (Ooltewah, US)

This snuff is definitely unique.

I expected the rosemary to be the prominent scent in this blend. However it was mostly a reminder of Camphor and Clove, but as I kept pinching it all of the scents melted together into a very reminiscent wintergreen.

Great body, strong kick right out the gate.

Simply Snuff Chin-Chin 30g
Michael T (Ooltewah, US)
Sage and menthol!

At first whiff I noticed an oddly familiar earthy scent underneath a layer of menthol.

As it sat in the nose it began to bloom into a very strong sage scent with small small small undertones of lemon appearing here and there.

It reminded me of years ago when I used to burn sage quite often.

Very unique snuff and I’m so thankful Simon has created these blends that are scented with herbs!

This stuff hits hard and fast. Today was a stressful day for myself, and I was using a salt Nic vape for a good bit of it.

Once these came in the mail I opened and tried them, and the hit is very similar, meaning it is enough to replace it.

If you are looking to get away from smoking or vaping or snus, here’s your honeypot!

6 Photo India in a Box Green 30g
David Pelton (Houston, US)
Very Nice HERBAL Snuff

Im new to snuff again, been a long time... this herbal snuff is FANTASTIC. nice little nose burn with it also. The smell is heaven to me. Out in the woods on a warm summer day. That breeze blowing through the trees. Very woodsy earthy smell, wonderfull... well worth it. This tin will last me years... thank yall. Good Day to all Yall, Frum Texas

Simply Snuff Duck Soup 30g
n.b. (New Baltimore, US)
Outstanding snuff

Duck soup is my favorite but do yourself a favor and order all simons’ snuffs, they are top notch and are my go to snuffs.

Honey Bee 1.15 oz
K.H. (Atlanta, US)
Why so high

Hello it's getting very hard for me to find Honey Bee sweet snuff. And I would like to order it online. But is the price so high for a small can?

Unfortunately, the only way we can get our hands on US snuff is to have a friend who lives in the USA buy it at a local store, box it up, and send it to us in the IOM. Here, we are taxed at 41% for US snuffs. Then we offer it for sale at very small margins as a way to keep our selection varied. If you can think of a more cost-effective way for us to obtain US nasal snuffs and scotches, we would welcome your input.

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McChrystal's Highland Ice 3.5g
Joseph Valicko (Lindenhurst, US)
Icy Blast of Goodness

One pinch will definitely clear your sinuses and leave a nice icy cooling effect for a good while! Excellent for outdoors

6 Photo Fire & Ice 50g
Kris (Houston, US)
Very sweet and off putting

I quite like it but the sweetness does bother me but it has a great kick, hard to use like most maklas, as well as burns the crap out of my gums.

FUBAR Fugazi Menthol 30g
Kris (Houston, US)

Smells exactly like the 6photo version but I love it none the less. Unfortunately very little menthol.

Lose and hard to use

Terribly hard to use but I absolutely love the flavor

6 Photo Chetak Chhap 20g
Kris (Houston, US)

I love this oral tobacco kinda hard to use and burned the crap out of my gums but regardless probably my favorite so far. The buzz does take a minute or two but other then that it's amazing

6 Photo Super Kailash 45g
Kris (Houston, US)
Ammonia smell

I absolutely love this one but it does have an intense ammonia smell that is a little hard to get over but regardless I still really like it

Janta Big Bull 20g
Kris (Houston, US)

The only Indian snuff I've had with almost no flavor. I do smell a not very strong citrus when I use a good amount but other than that it has no smell pretty strong as well

SNUV Iron Throne Snuff 15g
Kris (Houston, US)
Strong menthol

Probably the strongest mentol one I've had I only really smell mentol and there's no tobacco smell very pleasant and I really like it its great to mix with other snuffs that you want to add mentol to with out any other flavor

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Snuv Black Ice 15g
Joseph Valicko (Lindenhurst, US)
A real Banger!

Another fantastic snuff from the Black line and one I could pinch all day!

Simply Snuff Buccaneer 30g
Sheldon S. (Elkhart, US)
Shape shifter

Texture and moisture are fantastic - perfect vitamin N and menthol balance for me. For some reason I was getting perfume the first couple of days, but now I'm definitely getting the raisins and enjoying it very much - glad I kept with it. Wonderful. Well done Simon!

Dholakia Gin & Tonic 9g
Ivan Monge (Anaheim, US)
Its okay

This snuff is pretty close to what a gin and tonic would taste like through your nose. Its a pretty good snuff and i like the tap tin but overall its nothing super amazing but not bad either.