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SNUV Nutty-Ella 15g

SNUV Nutty-Ella 15g

Lachhman Dass

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What an excellent mind-blowing snuff!

If you like (or grew up on) Nutella then you will love this rendition made especially for discerning adults.

If you are not sure what Nutella is, think glorious medium milk chocolate mixed with roasted hazelnuts and you are about there. A poor man's praline if you like, but hey, if you grow up on salad cream, mayonnaise just doesn't do it (Brits will get that).

Snuv Limited Edition: Nutty-Ella is a great name, gorgeous packaging, and the aromas are just wonderful.

You almost want to eat it, but resist my friend, resist. Take a good snort instead and be transported. It is a delicious dessert snuff without any 'candy' about it.

This truly is a limited edition. Mr. Snuff only managed to get their hands on 100 tins and had to sample seven of them (ahem).

I have no idea if this will be released again or go into regular line up once this batch is gone. Maybe if snuffers get a petition going we can push this out of limited and into regular. We can but dream.

Medium strength, medium grind, medium moisture, maximum flavor.

Don't miss this one. 

Available in a convenient 15 gram container.
Also enjoy a discount for a box of 10.

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Customer Reviews

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Brody Rain (Greenwood, US)
Pure Nutella

Fine grind medium moisture medium to low nicotine. Now that's out of the way I'll say this it's absolutely wonderful a great dessert snuff I'm glad I ordered a few before it sold out! If you like Nutella this is your jam! Or should I say spread. 😆 another great snuff by Snuv! Grade A Top Notch 👌

Kiefy (Palm Coast, US)

If you like Nutella, you will love this. It's super similar; impressively so. Seems to be low end of nicotine so it's fun to keep taking pinches. Moist and easy to take. 5 stars! Just wish the price was more reasonable or came with 30grams.

K.B. (Homedale, US)
Unbelievably good!

Not an all day snuff, for me anyway but the best after dinner desert snuff I've ever tried! You can taste the milk chocolate w/put the cocoa powder, the hazelnut, all of the Nutella flavors are there. This is my new go to snuff after a meal. Absolutely fantastic! I sure hope they get more in stock because I will go though this can quick.

Justin Weber (Colorado Springs, US)
OH this is great

Fairly new to snuff, my favorite right now is probably Wilsons Diplomat. I grabbed this Nutty-ella on a whim 100000% have to get another tin for when this runs out. The chocolate smell and flavor are prominent throughout, I do not get the perfume scent I have seen others mention its more toasty chocolate something vanilla possibly. Any way this is definitely a quick favorite.

B.W. (Maricopa, US)
Good stuff...

Not my favorite but not bad. Similar to, "Chocolicous" but a hint of, "perfume-y" smell. I'm assuming that's supposed to be the hazelnut but I'm not smelling it.