Hedges L260 20g

Hedges L260 20g

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Hedges L260 is a traditional English snuff. This mixture is an original blend of premium tobaccos and a well balanced addition of a spicy menthol that is not overpowering but completely refreshing. The color is mid brown with a silky smooth grind that is easy to take and has a nice wallop of nicotine. This snuff is representative of a fine English tobacco product and has a legitimate and well earned reputation for quality. Appreciated by both novel and accustomed snuffers.

Available in a convenient container size.

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Francois (Victoriaville, CA)
WOW!!!! Maintenant c'est mon favoris

L'essayer c'est l'adopter!!!

Christopher Johnson (Fort Campbell North, US)
One of my favorites

I ordered this, and an assorted box of McChrystals, just to try nasal snuff. You can't find it in stores here in the US. (At least not around me). The Hedges quickly became a favorite of mine. I don't get any ammonia smell, at all. It's definitely got a good burn, and will open you up in a hurry.

Brian Keith Stolley (Miami, US)
My Favorite Snuff

This is, hands down, my favorite snuff. Refreshing menthol kick with a nice hit of nicotine.

John Strawson (Nanaimo, CA)
Way to strong for me.

This snuff I have a few problems with. It's so strong it actually hurt's. The tin it comes in is awful. I really wanted to like this snuff. Very let down.

Andrzej Bedziak (Elblag, PL)
One of my favourites

Being from Poland and new to snuff, I had only been taking Poschl snuff until this year when I made my first order from Mr Snuff. This is one of my favourites as I love strong menthol snuff. It is pretty dry and I would suggest not using it everyday as it can irritate your nose a bit after while. Still one of the best!