Jaxons English Gold 20g

Jaxons English Gold 20g

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Jaxons English Gold produces a mellow tobacco taste wrapped in burnt sugar and with perhaps a hint of finely distilled spirits. Not overly sweet but rather a well rounded gourmet confectionery that luxuriously coats the nose. This is a finely ground, with a traditional toffee brown color, medium moisture and a pleasant nicotine rush with minimal burn. Don't delay, indulge in a pinch today.

Available in a wrapped and sealed 20 gram tin

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Lots going on here

This is a flavoursome snuff but rather on the artificial side for my liking. Initially I was thrilled with the flavour that packs a punch but the non natural sense wears over time and there is also a sense of backdrip induced by this snuff. It's a snuff for someone who wants a punch of flavour and is undiscerning as to it's origin

Jeff Haase (Toowoomba, AU)
Possibly my fave

The rich chocolate coca comes through first with that nice nose bite we all require. A real treat I’ve put it on the top of my list for English yummy ness

G.G. (New Albany, US)
One of my favorites

Wonderful strong vanilla/toffee flavor. It has a pretty big vitamin N kick, for me at least. Do yourself a favor and pick up a tin.

Casey Taylor (Killeen, US)
Good Enough to Eat

Fine grind, grainy, moist, medium nicotine, Similar grind and consistency to Radford's, so can be a little sneezy if one is sensitive to tobacco flour that isn't comprised exclusively of ground leaf. Incredibly rich toffee flavor, so much so that it almost overshadows the the excellent base flour. Excellent for breakfast.

Toby Layton
English gold!

English gold is lush smells divine before you indulge it a pinch!

So go on buy some it's banging you got my word for it! 🤠👃🤧😁