Jaxons Alpine V 20g

Jaxons Alpine V 20g

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Jaxon's Alpine V is a refreshing interpretation of vanilla. The mixture seems to blend in a truly harmonious way. The aroma is a perfect blend of the temperate tobacco leaf and the tropical sheathed pod that carries such recognizable flavor that is vanilla. The grind is rather fine with medium moisture. The nicotine is quite present and the attack on the nasal cavity is not tear worthy. A lusciously smooth and flavorful pinch anytime.

Available in a wrapped and sealed 20 gram tin.

Customer Reviews

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Brody Rain (Greenwood, US)
Tobacco Leaf & Vanilla

I haven't tried a bad Jaxons snuff yet. That being said it's not overpowering on the Vanilla but you can smell it on the back end with a nice wonderful flavor of robust Tabacco up front and not that lame cigarette/smokey smell of tobacco like alot of other snuffs this smells like actual real good actual tobacco nice strong ammonia smell to so i know its fresh it's actually really really good the vitamin N is High! Maybe it's just my tin I dunno but it seems higher than any other snuff I've tried thus far besides the McChrystals OG blend ( possibly just because its fresh ) and I've tried alot. It sneaks up on you after a few bumps or lines it's definitely a good snuff.

Luke Greenhough (Taunton, GB)
Vanilla Punch

Dark Brown And Fluffy! I mean not exactly fluffy but you understand. Vanilla is strong on this one some what coco. Quite a Dark snuff. Good amount of moisture. But still very light and easy to snuff.

Russell Tilley (Chauncey, US)

The first snuff that actually Wow’d me, instantly loved it! If they would make this in a mini size, every time I ordered, I’d order a baker’s dozen. Now I understand why mini tins are made.

Matthew Francis (Indianapolis, US)
Interesting, Highly Likable Vanilla Snuff

Jaxons Alpine V is the only Jaxons snuff I have tried to this point, and I found it to be a winner. It also struck me as being unique compared to the other English vanilla snuffs I have tried. Expect a rather dark, moist, medium-fine snuff that delivers luscious, smooth vanilla notes springing from a base of dark chocolate, earth, cedar, spruce, biscuit, toffee, and pine with unexpected bergamot and lemon curd tones on the back end. The snuff sits in the nose very well and delivers a moderate or slightly higher dose of nicotine. One could easily take this snuff all day without suffering any ill effects. Very highly recommended.

Zack Bickham
Fresh and refreshing

marvelous flavor very sweet super moist it's like a fruit loop breakfast cereal sweet kinda with a nice little kick and nicotine to boot. Would definitely recommend for a try if you want to change up the regular.