Siberia -80 Degree White Dry Portion 13g

Siberia -80 Degree White Dry Portion 13g

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Powerful chewing tobacco blend providing a strong and very special mint/spearmint experience.

Strongest nicotine experience on the market in dry chewing portion bags and with lower tobacco moisture. Runs even less than regular 'White' bags and keeps the flavor even longer.
Regular size for that well known feeling behind your lip.

  • Form: Portion
  • Manufacturer: GN Tobacco
  • Product Type: White Dry Portion
  • Salt: 2.5 %
  • Nicotine level: 43 mg/g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
jared savage (Pontypridd, GB)

It hits the sopt not bad and it don't left a bad taste in my mouth

Amani Abdulwassue (Jeddah, SA)
Product didn’t arrive

Ordered and couldn’t track the product and didn’t arrive, trying to refund my money but it’s a hassle

Cooper A. (Grain Valley, US)

I've never been much of a dipper but recently I've been trying to cut back on smokable nicotine and regular pouches don't have enough nicotine for me, but these definitely kick like a mule, the taste is probably an 7/10, I'd prefer them to have a more minty/menthol flavor but this is still an amazing product and I will definitely be ordering these again.

M.T. (Helsinki, FI)

Really so hard but good

Marshall Leblanc-wiggins (Toronto, CA)
Great snus

I'm an avid dipper. Decided to try snus and went for this stuff as my first. I can say whole heartedly, I was not dissapointed. Good feel, good taste and good amount of nicotine. I found the portions last quite some time.e when in the mouth. Will definitely buy again