Wilsons Best SP 20g

Wilsons Best SP 20g

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Wilsons Best SP is the proud inheritor of a fine English tradition of snuff making dating back to the mid 18th century and first sold under the Sales & Pollard label. The manufacture of this unique recipe is revived with an old fashioned blend of quality tobaccos with certain secret ingredients. These classified compounds turn out to be essences of fruit and flower, deftly combined to produce the unique variation that is S.P. The mystique of this brand is revealed with the first pinch. The flavorful aromas of soil, forest and a smoky driftwood fire are artfully ameliorated with a touch of bergamot and the hint of a mixed floral bouquet. The color is a slightly rusty mid-brown with sufficient moisture and a medium ground flour that offers up a manageable surprise to the nose with moderate irritation to produce a formidable kick of nicotine that assuages the most ferocious appetite. This is a remarkable blend that is well worth the purchase price. Try a pinch today.

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Zalan Foldi (Caldicot, GB)

top nosh!

Matthew Francis (Blue River, US)
Balanced and Sophisticated

This is one of Wilsons of Sharrow's all-time classic snuffs. It's been around as long as it has for a reason. This is a fairly high nicotine snuff with a low-moderate moisture content and what strikes me as a fairly fine grind. Lemon and bergamot essences are lively but thoroughly integrated with the earthy, woody, chocolaty, and biscuit-like characteristics provided by the base tobacco(s). It is very easy to take but also packs a fairly notable nicotine punch. You can do it all day. Pretty much a perfect SP snuff.

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Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)

High nicotine and of medium moisture, Best SP smells of wet pulp with a hint of Bergamot. It has slight burn on initial uptake and is great with Kentucky bourbon. I particularly enjoyed it with a cold wheat beer on a hot summer’s day. Perfect with coarse rye bread and a plate of sausages, it is a good friend to any biergarten fare.

Relaxed And Mellow

Love it.Shipping to Australia was also very fast Only took 9 days from when I paid for it to be in my mailbox and I am in country Australia not the city.

Made me very relaxed and mellow.Will be back for more.

Earl Gray All The Way

Yup, Earl Gray all the way. If you like Earl Gray tea, then you will love this snuff. Took exactly one week to receive my shipment (to the southeastern U.S.). Thank you, Mr. Snuff!