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Raymond Bertovich

all good

Subtle, Smooth and Fantastic

Let me just say that this one grew to become my favorite Medicated snuff, right up there with HedgesL260 for me. The tin note is Eucalyptus and Lavender with just a hint of a Hedges style biscuity tobacco scent. In the nose it's exactly the same, starting with a mild burn followed by a beautiful cooling sensation. What makes this one a winner to me is the undertones of lavender. This is all all day snuff for me. I'd buy in bulk if I could. For you English Medicated fans who like a bit of lavender in your life don't miss this.

A real favourite.

Very strong menthol with eucalyptus and lavender, this has a strong tobacco base that provides more nicotine than most other snuff varieties. I always keep a large number of tins around. This snuff is unavailable in some areas but so popular that even Wilson's of Sharrow has created their own version of it, which is close but not as strong in the nicotine department (I buy both and use the one or the other depending on the nicotine level desired) which has a different tobacco base and different floral hints. Medicated No. 99 would be best described as a lightly floral, spicy menthol. It is just barely less menthol than Radford snuff, which is very low in nicotine. This is much finer ground, and has a faint floral hint in the background, but is more on the faintly soapy side than the perfumed side. The floral element takes the edge off the strong menthol. If you haven't tried this masterpiece, you are missing out! Possibly the most "English" of English style snuffs.