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christopher Saunders
There was a lad named Tom Buck...

Oh Yes! This is a truly excellent SP with a nice and fluffy grind that is easy to snuff. The bergamot is strong and pleasant giving a relaxing and joyous feel. Medium Nic and a little buzz in my nostrils lets me know this blend is just spot on with delivery. Outside on a chilly morning this is heaven in a tin. Thank you Wilson’s of Sharrow for this gem. It will never be out of my rotation.

Doesn’t do anything for me

Had to try this snuff because of its “classic” appeal. I did not like it. I prefer, plain, Irish 22, matador, diplomat, grand cairo, and Rows of Sharrow all over “Tom Buck.”

Justin Reynolds
Really Amazing SP

Well this is the first SP i decided to try because i had heard many good things about it on YouTube. Im glad i picked this one to introduce me into SP's it has a nice strong blast of delicious bergamot. I really love this snuff and the nicotine level is satisfying, I almost gave it four out of five instead of five because i prefer grand cairo since it has more nicotine and a nice floral backnot with the bergamot, but this is perfect in its own way and id rather have both so five stars for me.

Wilsons Tom Buck Extra Strong SP 25g

Shall I compare thee to a Summer's day? Yepper. Tom reminds me of a warm afternoon in my Grandfather's citrus orchards in Southern California. Headily fragrant, vibrant and memorable.

Wilsons Tom Buck Extra Strong SP 5g

Another great offering by WoS. Tom Buck has been referred to as an Amped SP. I agree. When you crack the tin, your hit in the face by a heavy dose of citrus bergamot. The look of the snuff is of a rich brown tobacco which balls up indicating the heavy use of essential oil. On the first pinch, well its just that. A tirade of lemony bergamot. The tobacco itself is under a medium to medium grind and holds very well due to the oils present in the snuff. Its fairly easy to take, very subtle burn, and the nick kick rings in at more average. The bergamot is full-on and lasts a while, as it fades, the tobacco presents itself as rich and nutty. A good pinch does wonders and results in a pleasant drip. Tom Buck is some really good snuff I like it a lot as many SP and Bergamot/Citrus fans do. This is just another SP tweak of the SP masters. I am still on a “got to try em all” kick, but this one will be added to my top 5 of always have on hand next to WoS’s finer ground, high burning, golden colored, Lemon Zest-Bergamot extravaganza Lemon Grove. Tom Buck is very highly recommended, a definite all day snuff, and you might as well get it bigger tins than the 5gram, as it can go fast.