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Wilsons Gold Label 10g

Wilsons Gold Label 10g


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Wilsons Gold Label is an aromatic bouquet of monarda, bitter orange and lemon-lime artfully combined to flavor a quality blend of fire-cured and Virginia cultivars. This closely guarded recipe imparts an original twist to a traditional S.P. There are some floral, fruity and sweet notes that harmonize with the rich fumy taste of the tobaccos. The color is a rusty brown, the moisture is medium, the grind is medium as well. There seems to be nothing to get excited over until the pinch is delivered, then there is a slight to moderate burn to reveal a surprising persistent clout of nicotine. This snuff is a pleasant and unexpected revelation. Try some today and taste the reasons why.

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Customer Reviews

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M.A. (Brooklyn, US)
WIlsons Gold Label

I am still new to snuffs and can't appreciate any of the subtle flavors and scents. I can't pick up the orange and citrus like I do in a fruit snuff and I wouldn't know bergamot and neroli from pizza. I can only tell what I like and don't like and I like this. It smells good and it is strong. I bought a second tin.

G. (Grosse Ile Township, US)
Unique S.P.

At first I would swear the citrus element was bitter orange but, now it seems like a complex mixture of several citrus oils resembling it. Nice floral note background and plenty of nic. Med to med/fine grind and slightly dry. Tolerable burn. Good all day or morning wake up.

Matthew Francis (Indianapolis, US)
Great Strong SP

Gold Label is one of the more strongly scented SP snuffs produced by Wilsons of Sharrow. Offering a fairly strong nicotine hit, this snuff presents powerful neroli, bergamot, lemon, and lime aromas that are supported by hints of lavender as well as subtle scents of earth, wood, cracker, and biscuit from the base tobacco(s). The grind is medium-fine but can feel a bit dusty at times. Moisture content is medium or slightly lower. Though this is not a particularly complex snuff, it is highly enjoyable. If you have ever yearned for an SP snuff that offers huge citrus notes, then this snuff may very well be the one for you.

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Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
Bonnie Elizabeth Parker

Wilsons’ Gold Label is your typical SP…until it is not. Russet brown of medium grind, this snuff offers you the typical Bergamot and Neroli Oil mix that is the signature of all SPs. Like a soccer mom’s station wagon, it is both dependable, predictable and rather ordinary…until you see a police cruiser in your rear-view mirror and you step on the gas. Under the bonnet of Gold Label’s tin is rush of nicotine that surprises you, like finding a nitrous oxide kit hidden under the hood of your mother’s car. Intense, Gold Label will wake you far better than any cup of Earl Grey ever will. Tread with caution.

Anonymous (Vancouver, CA)
Gets better

I picked up a small tin of this on a whim. Cracked it open, gave it a go, and wrote it off as "just another SP". However, after leaving it alone for a while, I think some of the bergamot evaporated, and lo, a delicious nutty tobacco underneath.

Next thing I know, I've put a substantial dent in it. It only seems to get better as I make my way to the bottom.

Nice, delicious, nutty tobac, simple SP flavour, decent sized grind (not too fine, not too chunky), and decent moisture.