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Customer Reviews

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Gets better

I picked up a small tin of this on a whim. Cracked it open, gave it a go, and wrote it off as "just another SP". However, after leaving it alone for a while, I think some of the bergamot evaporated, and lo, a delicious nutty tobacco underneath.

Next thing I know, I've put a substantial dent in it. It only seems to get better as I make my way to the bottom.

Nice, delicious, nutty tobac, simple SP flavour, decent sized grind (not too fine, not too chunky), and decent moisture.

Jeffrey Ealy
All time favorite

One of my all time favorites and a good all day snuff. Highly recommend

Crypt Five
Subtle, Complex

I really appreciate this snuff. It's simple, and yet there's a lot going on. Wonderful base tobacco.

If this is a “top notch SP”, then I just don’t like SP’s

I’ve come around to the fact that I just don’t like SP’s I guess. If the Wilson’s of Sharrow “Gold Label” SP is considered a “top notch” SP, then SP’s just ain’t for me... they might be for you though! But I found it too chunky, dark, and moist, and didn’t really do anything for me.

WoS Gold Label - In my top 5

This is simply beautiful snuff. Although it is quite complex, it is one of those snuffs that I can take without thinking about it. It is all there, SP style tobacco, bergamot, tiny notes of floral, also something refreshing and maybe sweet(ish) and fruit(ish) which I can not identify. All these aromas come and go. The nicotine is there too, which makes it very satisfying. It is great. My recommendation for both beginners and old timers.