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Eric Perlinger
Guest House

Dynamite is an explosion of mint that cools the nostrils and soothes the nerves. With medium levels of nicotine, this moist snuff is a shot of bliss. Without burn, it contains neither camphor, sawdust nor talcum; it is more mentholated than Singleton’s Super M. A refreshing snuff, it is restorative like finishing a fine Persian meal with a pot of fresh mint tea. Like being embraced by Rumi’s poetry, it is happiness and optimism in pulverised form.

Troy Hunter
fastest 5g

All the other medicated menthols did nothing for me this is the only menthol that clears my sinus'.
Dark and smells like i think Dynamite smells like.
got it on a monday finished it in 4 5 days demolished the five gram tin. my fastest ever hehehe.

Nothing special here

I was not a fan of the Dynamite flavor, but then I typically like a light toast most. Irish 22 is still one of my favorites, along with just regular “Plain” Wilson’s of Sharrow.

Extreme menthol

Dark, moist and east to take. This is a pure blast of menthol and I cannot detect much else. I like to use it at home only as it'll make your nose run big time.