Wilsons Crumbs of Comfort

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Peter l.
Mint bomb...in a good way

This may be the first time I've ever used the please "overwhelmingly minty" as a complement. The spearmint is all you can smell for the next while, but it's the most refreshing kind, like in Wrigley's gum or a Newport cigarette.

Ok, maybe not a flattering description. Seriously, though, I like it.

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Eric Perlinger
Oliver Twist

High in nicotine and of medium moisture, Crumbs of Comfort is a taste of spearmint reminiscent of Wrigley’s chewing gum. More accurately, it has the flavour of a full-bodied toothpaste, without any of the negative connotations that image might imply. It is salutary, like brushing one’s teeth after a night’s debauchery, helping to scrape away the sins, both remembered and forgotten, of the recent past. As with any form of auto-flagellation, one pass is never enough to get the job properly done. “Please Sir, I want some more.”

Least favorite of all the Wilson’s of Sharrow snuff

Crumbs of Discomfort is more like it! I did not find anything about this particular snuff to be enjoyable. I like (in order): Irish 22, Plain, Best SP, Matador, Grand Cairo, Diplomat, Rows of Sharrow all MUCH MORE than this one. Stay away.. though snuff is all so inexpensive you could always try a 5 gram tin for kicks and call it a day anyways.

The best

I tried many others and fell in love with this one. The menthol seems to open up my nasal passages and the nicotine shoots right in with a nice rush and burning! it is a beautiful thing. seems to be the strongest I have ever tried and can't get enough. I order a bunch of the little ones cause if you get the big ones the freshness runs out and the menthol weekens. Its very exciting and strong when opening a new one each time.

Amongst the very Best

Within the land of snuff few types hit the high notes but Crumbs is amongst the few that do. Wilsons Crumbs has been around for a very long time whilst others have dwindled and for good reason. The spearmint base is not over metholed and the grind is fine medium. For me it is the king of snuff. Adorable....