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Eric Perlinger

High nicotine and of medium moisture, Best SP smells of wet pulp with a hint of Bergamot. It has slight burn on initial uptake and is great with Kentucky bourbon. I particularly enjoyed it with a cold wheat beer on a hot summer’s day. Perfect with coarse rye bread and a plate of sausages, it is a good friend to any biergarten fare.

Decent snuff, not sure if I’m a fan of “SP’s” yet though...

This was my first “SP”... it seems to be more mellow than some other snuffs (certainly more mellow than Irish no. 22). That isn’t necessarily good nor bad. Just is what it is. Nothing particularly spectacular nor horrible here. Very “meh” snuff.

How is this one

I usually just buy the plain wilsons sp , i dont like menthol , how is this one guys, is it good .


Since i found the snuff just a few months ago i decided to buy a hell lot of different kinds and brands.

After trying out all, this is my absolute favourite!
Way better than the other SPs i bought.

Kind of like Wilsons Gold label, but this one is waay better!
Love it as a daily snuff

This is f@#king Legendary Snuff!

This snuff is a step above all other's that call themselves snuffs. S.P Best is, in essence, A snuff that was forged in the heat of a Manley battle with Beauty itself, neither could win so they did the only thing left to do they brutally and savagely made mad passionate love to each other. Right there in the bloody battlefield blood guts an all. And thus from their sweaty lions, came a demi-snuff born, laughing in a gentile manner and its name was forever to be S.P Best. In a later battle, his bother Gold Label came forth. for it is the truth fellow snuffers. This is the great one!