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Eric Perlinger
King's African Rifles

Imagine being in a British Colonial Rifle Regiment that embraced the likes of Roald Dahl, Idi Amin and Barrack Obama’s paternal grandfather. Imagine fighting with this heterogeneous group under the equatorial sun in Khaki Drill, Fezzes and Cummerbunds for King and Imperial Glory. Imagine what it would take to calm the jitters and numb the nightmares once back at the mess. Lucky for you, you don’t have to imagine, you just have to crack a tin of Africa. Very high in nicotine and of high moisture this dark brown snuff is coarse with a mild nicotine burn. The initial whiff of chocolate present when you open the tin transitions to peat, soil and compost upon the uptake. Without artifice or talcum this is the right snuff to take when you are willfully polluting your body with hard vices.

Very dark, very bold, very moist, very coarse.

Just as my review title indicates, this is a BIG, BOLD, STRONG, and COARSE snuff. If that’s your thing, then this might be for you, but for me... I tend to prefer drier and finer grinds. I wanted to try this one though if for no other reason than I wanted a snuff that would make me feel like I’m on a safari. This does that, but then you realize, maybe this isn’t the safari I want to be taking...

Jahjah Benji
Just Perfect for everytime, One of the best .

perfect humidity, a smell of chocolate tobacco, easy to take, it is one of the best.