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Viking Blonde 500g

Viking Blonde 500g


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A smooth and flavorful non-mentholated nasal snuff with notes of toast and butter. Made with a blend of Virginia and Rustica tobacco, this medium nicotine product has a medium fine grind and a slightly moist texture for easy use. Perfect for those looking for a smokeless alternative.

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Viking Blonde 500g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Viking Blonde

I know Viking Blonde is not categorized as an SP but to me it is like an SP with more natural tobacco flavor than many SP’s that I’ve had. Very tobacco forward with no detectable toppings. It has a Copenhagen like vibe to it, not like Viking Brown or Viking Rappe, but it’s there. So far Viking Blonde is my favorite bare bone, non dark fired tobacco flavor offering I’ve had yet.

Martin Levac (Carleton Place, CA)
No frills snuff

Widely referred to as the "worlds most boring snuff" - I cant disagree with that but not in a negative way. THe snuff is plain, straight to the point base flower with enough moisture to make it easy to take for a beginner. Sometimes you just want a pleasant plain tobacco, and this fite the bill perfectly. Still giving it 5 stars even though i wish there was a tad more nicotine.

Matthew Francis (Indianapolis, US)
Excellent Unscented Snuff

Viking Blonde is arguably the lightest and least challenging snuff in the Viking range, but it has a tremendous amount to offer. Out of the tin, this snuff appears light brown and delivers earthy, toasty aromas with touches of smoke and barnyard funk. Once it hits the front of the nose, it delivers a pleasant blend of hay, straw, grass, mushroom, earth, leather, smoke, and toast aromas with slight lemony undertones. The grind strikes me as being medium-fine. Moisture content is on the drier side of medium. The nicotine content is more or less medium. Overall, this snuff is incredibly easy to take. I get no sharpness out of it. It sits in the nose well and delivers just enough nicotine for a pleasant experience. If one is looking for a light, easygoing everyday snuff or a likable introduction to unscented snuffs, one could do far worse.

D Wheeler (Nanaimo, CA)
Not Bad, not my favorite

For those that like a high dry toast, this is your snuff. I prefer something with more moisture. It's certainly not a bad snuff but just be aware that it is very dry. I always try to tap the tin down and open it carefully, but even when I do that, this snuff tries to puff itself all over my shirt when I open it. The flavor is smooth and the vitamin N is medium to mild. You could use this all day if you take care of your nose. It was not a bad experience, but not my cup of tea.

Peter l. (Seattle, US)
Good for beginners

Not gonna lie: I tried the Bernard Klostermischung before I tried this one, so maybe my review is a bit biased. I tend to like strong flavors, which this one definitely isn't. But for what it is (i.e., a good dry toasty snuff that's easy on the nose and not overbearing in the nicotine department), it's a good snuff for general use, especially for those who are new to the art of snuffery. May be good as a base for adding other snuffs/flavors on your own as well, but good by itself.