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Peter l.
Good for beginners

Not gonna lie: I tried the Bernard Klostermischung before I tried this one, so maybe my review is a bit biased. I tend to like strong flavors, which this one definitely isn't. But for what it is (i.e., a good dry toasty snuff that's easy on the nose and not overbearing in the nicotine department), it's a good snuff for general use, especially for those who are new to the art of snuffery. May be good as a base for adding other snuffs/flavors on your own as well, but good by itself.

Viking blonde

This is an update from one I made a couple days ago just received my shipment and have tried it! Being a first time user it's hard for me to describe it, definitely smell earth tones definitely got a burning sensation, don't know if I'm doing it right but my nose does kind of hurt feels like I got a cold so other than that I kind of like it!

Andrew Dodds
Viking Blonde 25g

I've had a lot of natural flavor snuffs and Viking Blonde is by far my favorite. I use it all day, everyday. You can't go wrong with this. It's so easy to take. Maybe a little light in the nic but considering how soft it is, yo can just take huge bumps so it evens out. If you're on the fence, get off and buy as much as you can afford!

Viking Blonde 25g

This was my first non flavored snuff I ever tried. I was surprised of how smooth it is. Slight burn but not overbearing. Decent moisture and very fluffy. One of my all time favorites. A must for every collection.

Viking Blonde 25g

Opening the tin, I get a very sweet buttery bready note (with hint of ammonia), very nice out of the tin. The grind is fine, moist, and fluffy, with just a tad bit of grit in it. Snuffing it, the "flavor" fades quickly, and can't detect much other than a quick bready note before it settles into a nice Virginia base tobacco. Taking it is relatively easy, and would be a good introduction for a beginner to toast snuffs, as the higher moisture content makes it one of the easiest toasts to take. I personally would like a stronger more complex flavor in my snuff, however this gets a solid 4/5.