Sir Walter Scott's Thrice Brewed

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Customer Reviews

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Justin Reynolds
Wow! first artisan snuff i tried delicious

im blown away by the richness and complexity of the aroma of this tobacco, it has a wonderful fruity almost candy like smell, and a scent of delicious tobacco it reminds me of a freshly opened pack of camel non-filters. Nicotine hit is more than enough to satisfy, i think that the fermentation/brewing process brings out some Vitamin N for sure, Coarse grind easy to take even easier to enjoy 5 out of 5 all day.

Sir Walter Scott's Thrice Brewed Snuff 15g

Very curious and similar to amber snuffs one of Polish, very niche snuff producer. I have them both, and honestly, I can't cleary say, which of them is better. Scotisch seems to be more balanced and toned, with a finer grindiing. Polish snuff im more intensive in good way and fatter. Both are equally good, and althoug very simmilar to each other, they are different in the same time.

Sir Walter Scott's Thrice Brewed Snuff 50g

Not sure why but the more I snuff this the more it has a sort of grape flavored candy aftertaste.
Not sure if this applies to anyone else but me. My sense of smell is utterly gone from 20 yrs of puffing on nails.

but still a 4 and coming back for more.

it has a good strong but gradual vitamin N release. with no burn no matter how far up your nose you get it.

Sir Walter Scott's Thrice Brewed Snuff 50g

Has a pleasant vinegary smell once opened. Very moist and smooth to snuff. No Burn at all, however you do have to give it a hardy sniff to get it all to stay in your nose due to the coarseness and weight of the grains from the moisture.
Has a good vitamin N content, but a more gradual release.

I would 5 star this if not for the difficulty in getting it to stay in the nose. IF you don't kind of snort it, expect some black rain from your nose.

Sir Walter Scott's Thrice Brewed Snuff 15g

Amazing snuff. Beautiful fruity smell that lingers. Hefty nicotine punch. The grind is almost perfect - moist, coarse and very easy to snuff.