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Sir Walter Scott's The Navigator

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Dr. Bream
Not what you expecct

When I first saw, The Navigator, my assumption was that it would carry scents of myrrh and sandalwood from far off ports to my eager nostrils. I was wrong. The Navigator seems placed to remind the navigator of home, and a rustic home at that. It smells like a hay loft. Not a hay loft with fresh cut hay. An old hay loft that’s been sitting for a while, where you lit up a pipe of pedestrian tobacco. It’s unremarkable if you’re looking for fruit, menthol, or even the “oiled leather” aroma of other snuffs. If you’re looking for something dependably comfortable - like an old hay loft - it’s delightful. The nicotine hit is above average, but still pleasant. There is a mild “burn,” and it is very fine, so don’t snort it in like a horse. I imagine this snuff is particularly pleasant on a crisp autumn day, if you’re out of doors. If you prefer tobacco-forward snuffs with homey aroma, and solid nicotine, this is worth a try. Do not expect an overflowing tin. It comes about half full.