Sir Walter Scott's St-James Parish Blend

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Para entusiastas de habla hispana. Cata objetiva

St James Parish de SWS

Molido: fino
Humedad: media
Textura: esponjoso
Aroma: chocolate con leche, higos secos, algo tostado
Complejidad: media baja
Intensidad aromática: media apta
Quemado: 0
Sabor: neutro
Goteado frontal (en nariz): bajo
Goteado trasero (en garganta): bajo
Fortaleza: alta
Final (continuidad): media baja

El nombre es por el Perique que contiene. También contiene Virginia y Punjabi Rustica.

Opinión personal:
El aroma del Perique está buen sutil al igual que el Virginia. Da la impresión de ser tostado, quizás por el Perique. Fácil de tomar.
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Sir Walter Scott's St-James Parish Blend Snuff 15g

The scent is of tobacco complexity. Once snuffed it gives just bit of burn that quickly dissipates to a beautiful symphony of of tobacco flavor's, With a ever so slight sweet barnyard under tone. It's a five star master blend and least I mention a killer Nic hit that lingers on into the night.

Sir Walter Scott's St-James Parish Blend Snuff 15g

The tin note is bitter chocolate with tobacco. When taken, the tobacco comes to the front, and the chocolate note recedes -- it's not like some of the other chocolates where it's like you snorted Nestle's Quik or something.

I'm not getting any specific tobacco type -- maybe some of you with deeper pipe palates will be able to pick out Virginia or Perique -- it's too subtle for me. I don't find it particularly fruity except for maybe a tiny hint of chili -- if you've ever made Alton Brown's hot chocolate recipe, this is very close, if he included tobacco...

Supposedly the Punjabi Rustica gives it a nicotine kick, but I'm not getting anything like that after doing it three times in the last 15 minutes while I write this.

I'm giving it four of five stars. If I ever work through all the other chocolates I have, this would be my choice to re-up.

Sir Walter Scott's St-James Parish Blend Snuff 50g

REALLY good snuff, i'm new to snuff and this is my current favorite.
It is pricey but definitely worth it! It has a great nicotine rush and fine burn, the grind/moisture content is perfect. It's hard to describe the scents of this one and thats one part that keeps me coming back. I guess its a bit toasty and I can smell the barrel aged perqiue. Definitely an artisinal hand-made snuff.
This is my current favorite, I just wish I could get it in bulk. Try some and you will be spoiled, I still enjoy my irish22 but I wish I would have just grabbed another 50g of this. I pray that sir walter scott NEVER stops making this fine snuff.

Yes, I do store it in fridge as intructed by the canister.

Riff Raff
Sir Walter Scott's St-James Parish Blend Snuff 15g

This stuff is amazing. Worth every penny. Yeah, it is expensive, but after one sniff, I am a huge fan. It is a little more coarse than I am used to (Wilsons and McChrystals). You can definitely smell the Perique. One of the best snuffs I own.

Needless to say, I will be buying more of the Sir Walter Scott's blends!