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Sir Walter Scott's Mull of Oa

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Customer Reviews

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Peter l.
Scotch and cigars

Coarse grind, not very moist but not too dry either. Reminds me of nights at the jazz club with good scotch and fine cigars.

The Capitan
It's true

The reviews are correct. If you like a malt, whiskey or sour blend or fermented burley, this is a masterpiece. Complex and perfectly balanced. It's my favorite out of the 1st 8 SWS I've tried. Not as smoky as Tears of Chios or Pontefract priory.

Nectar d'Or not Lagavulin

By reading the other reviews I was almost expecting something peaty like a Lagavulin or Ardbeg, but with the batch I have sweet smoke is more prominent--more like if there was a smokey version Nectar d'Or with a touch of plum brandy.

The grind is perfect for me, not too light so you don't accidentally overshoot to your sinuses but also not too heavy so it's still easy to pull it into your nose.

Nice nicotine level, enough to notice but not so much to be overwhelming.

I'm definitely loving this snuff.

Sir Walter Scott's Mull of Oa Snuff 15g

Like taking a great Single Malt Scotch (sans the alcohol) up the snoot. The first scent is rich, thick smoldering oak and peat and melds well with the base tobacco. Scent lasts and lasts. Good med-high nicotine, course grind and on the low end of high moisture. Sits well in the nose and has a slight backdrip. 5 stars

Sir Walter Scott's Mull of Oa Snuff 15g

There are a few SWS snuffs that don't thrill me but Mull of Oa is one of my favorites. Lovely coarse, moist grind that SWS does so well. Fragrant tin aroma of the tobacco and a whiff of scotch. To me it's in the same family as Aged Border Rapee (wonderful) and Thrice Brewed (also terrific) Mull of Oa is delicious and the only answer for this is more. Good nic hit but not overpowering. rated 8/10 Excellent and highly recommended.