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Sir Walter Scott's Creme de Figue

Sir Walter Scott's Creme de Figue

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Creme de Figue is a batch of exquisite snuff, hand milled in the Scottish Borders by Sir Walter Scott's Fine Border Snuff. Creme de Figue is created using a blend of pure leaf tobaccos from which the mid ribs and all stalks have been removed.

Creme de Figue has been matured and flavored with rare fig arrack to produce a uniquely luxurious snuff with a high nicotine content, reminiscent of the Georgian era.

NB: As with any natural tobacco product, artisan nasal snuff can be susceptible to mould if it is not stored correctly. All of our snuffs are heat treated before packing to ensure an indefinite shelf-life whilst in the original, unopened containers. Our snuffs are traditionally made without chemical preservatives and we recommend that once opened the snuffs should be kept in the tightly closed brand container and stored in a refrigerator. Only decant using a clean, dry implement.

Customer Reviews

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C de F

Decided to give this a try along with Aged Border Rapee. Since it is from the border region, I like to imagine my ancestors used the same stuff.

The can is very nice, I like the twist lid A LOT.

The scent of it reminds me more of fine pipe tobacco like Samuel Gawith. Has a bready, figgy, rich scent to it (I bet the same flavoring would make a fine smoke on some flake tobacco).

Moisture is deceptive, looks dry but has just right and clumps if you pinch it.

The very coarse grind is probably my only complaint. I would prefer it if it were a bit finer (like SG Kendall Brown, not super fine).

Nicotine is pretty good.

Very enjoyable snuff.

Xandersomm (The Bronx, US)
Para entusiastas de habla hispana. Cata objetiva

Creme de Figue de SWS

Molido: medio grueso.
Humedad: media.
Textura: esponjosa y sedosa.
Aroma: higos frescos, cedro, cacao, café espresso, especias.
Complejidad: media.
Intensidad aromática: media alta.
Quemado: leve.
Sabor: medio ácido.
Goteado frontal (en nariz): medio.
Goteado trasero (en garganta): medio alto.
Fortaleza: media alta.
Final (continuidad): medio.

En este utilizan solo las hojas del tabaco, removiendo los nervios y el "palillo". En su proceso utilizan licor de higo llamado "arak".

Opinión personal:
Domina el aroma a madera de cedro seguido del cacao y espresso con el higo en su trasfondo. Tiene las características típicas de los fabricados solo con los lóbulos de las hojas. Fácil de tomar.
¿Volvería a comprarlo? Seguro que si

Sir Walter Scott's Creme de Figue Snuff 15g

Creme de Figue is yet another superbly crafted snuff by Sir Walter Scott. If you've had Auld Alliance, the grind and moisture level is exactly the same, only with different aromas. While it doesn't have as much nicotine as Auld Alliance, it's still fairly strong; I'd rate the nicotine level at 6 out of 10. It's a demi-gros that's closer to coarse than fine, and the moisture level is fairly low (at least it was in my tin). These characteristics make for a snuff that's very easy to take.

As far as aromas are concerned, the vanilla stands front and center. However, in typical SWS fashion, the scent is not overdone in the least and is of the natural variety, not artificial. It smells just like a raw vanilla bean. Along with the vanilla, there are mild notes of wood and earth. The drip can sometimes be a bit unpleasant, but not nearly as noticeable as with Auld Alliance. Overall I'd say this snuff is simply wonderful!

Sir Walter Scott's Creme de Figue Snuff 15g

It's wonderful. The smell and the taste and the nice hit of nicotine are all great. It makes my nose run like mad and I sneeze quite often when using it, but it's completely worth it. I've found that I've moved through the tin a lot faster than anything else before. I've tried mostly medicated or highly flavored snuffs from the UK and Germany and this one was a real departure that has me curious about some of these older more traditional snuffs. It's more expensive, but the quality seems so high that I feel it's really worth the extra money. I'm looking forward to trying other blends from SWS!

Sir Walter Scott's Creme de Figue Snuff 50g

Awesome box of snuff, bought my first tin a couple months ago 15G. now only available in 50G.
first time I took a hit I thought I was standing in the middle of a field with a herd of cows, the nicotine hit was intense and the aroma was "country fresh" wish I could get another 15G tin but it is what it is.