Simply Snuff Boodleam 30g

Simply Snuff Boodleam 30g

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Boodleam harks back to the 1970's; a time of Hippies, Velvet Loons and Platform Shoes.
This snuff combines a quirky blend of toppings including Bitter Orange, Zingy Grapefruit, and a touch of Jasmine and Musk. The grind is medium, with a medium moisture content, and a pleasing belt of nicotine.

So, dust off those Velvet Loons, dig out your Platform Boots and take a trip down memory lane...you won't regret it!


"During last 2 years I've reviewed over 350 Snuffs on my Simply Snuff! YouTube Channel. The time has come to put the experience and knowledge I have acquired to good use!

These four new Snuffs bring together a delicious range of base tobaccos and toppings to provide a new and unique snuff experience! Thanks for all your support and kindness, and I hope you enjoy these Snuffs as much as I do.

Chin Chin

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Customer Reviews

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Jake Misner (Kalamazoo, US)
Chin Chin

Reddish medium cut nice moisture great value for the quality this packs a punch for sure. Citrus and menthol blast that’s sure to wake you up. Careful or she will bring you to tears. Certainly a must try. I ordered more from Simons collection looking forward to it.

K. (Palm Coast, US)
Duck soup

Less clove which is good... Way too much clove in Horsefeathers, had to unfortunately throw away since idk anyone who snuffs. Pretty good, slightly mentholated. Best part is the Rustica 🤤 That nic hit is glorious without the extreme pain of some white snuffs, albeit not as strong. Wish Boodleam used Rustica too!

Kiefy (Palm Coast, US)

Now this is an excellent snuff. I love orange blossom in general, there's no clove like lots of Simply Snuffs other offerings which I'm thankful for (not a fan of clove) Mentholated but not too much. Easy to take big pinches. Highly recommend

Kiefy (Palm Coast, US)
Horse Feathers- Way too much clove

If you absolutely love clove, you will love this. But for me, it's way too strong and overpowers any other scent in there. Even stinks up the whole room even when closed tight. Ended up throwing away which I very rarely do with any snuff. Shame..

K. (Palm Coast, US)
Duck Soup- Great nic hit, great scent

The scent is great, except maybe the cloves since they seem to overpower snuffs usually. Not so much with Duck Soup tho. Love how it's got a great nic hit without being one of those desert dry powders that you usually needs to achieve a strong nic hit