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Samuel Gawith Pinewood Ice

Samuel Gawith Pinewood Ice

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Samuel Gawith Pinewood Ice offers a nice uplifting sensation in the body and mind. This mélange provides the sensation of a walk in the deep woods. Pine, wintergreen, cedar and mentha are in the forefront of this refreshing snuff. There is also a discernible tobacco flavor that is expressed with notes of leather, hay, smoke and molasses that are subordinate to the stimulating and cooling effects of this remarkable potion. This seems to be a holiday treat but should be an all day, all year delight.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Ashley Fossat (Delta, US)
A polite everyday snuff.

This is the snuff I break out when I'm with the Chapter. Everyone appreciated the pine scent and the level of menthol.
I use it all year.

N.L. (Rancagua, CL)
How many pines are a pinewood ice forest?

Really a christmas pinch. At the beginning it would taste like menthol, but the pine scent stays inside. Smooth, relaxing and fresh. Great forest to walk. A little resemblance with Dr. Verey's Plus.

Dennis Garrett (Reno, US)
Lots of Pine snuff for small price!

Got my snuff package today and this tin of Gawith Pine Ice snuff. Not bad at all think they should add some pine wood, pine sap flavor and maybe cedar wood flavor too it! Dont know what grows between a pine tree and a cedar tree maybe take a walk and find out add a couple more flavors! Pine ice is a good deal for 4 bucks! Has some menthol flavor to it!

d (New Orleans, US)
First Gawith Snuff I have tried, I love it!

I had once tried nasal snuff in the 1990s as a teen and was not a fan, can't recall what brand, bought at tobacconist in the US. Part of the problem may have been snorting it like a different powder...

I love S.G. pipe tobacco, and lately realized that they make snuff as well. Ordered this, Dr. Verey Plus and Kendall brown on a lark. When the tin came in I thought "this is a lot, it will last for years." Now I realize I should have ordered 10! The flavour (smell?) is incredible. The pine/menthol sounded odd but it is perfect. A hint of cedar or sandalwood in the back? I think I read that, but it is complex and stimulating as well as refreshing. I feel a bit worried that my coworkers think I have begun using drugs, but I can't put it away for long. Dr. Vereys is good too and seems similar but this one is just more... balanced.

SC (Monticello, US)
Samuel Gawith Pinewood Ice

Upon opening the tin there's a very strong smell of pine, specifically holiday pine incense. It's wonderful. Then come notes of slight earthiness that play with the piney notes. There's also olfactory notes of high quality leather. That subdued, pleasant smell of Thomasville leather couches. Some spices, maybe nutmeg in the background. This is refreshing, due to a mentholated quality that isn't extremely powerful, but helps to open your nose to the piney forest profile. Nice cold winter air, breathe it deep and smell that rich evergreen forest. 5 stars.