Samuel Gawith Kendal Brown Plain


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This is my first Samual Gawith review. So I don't know whether or not some of the smells in this are inherent in the tobacco used. Otherwise this one is quite strong and full bodied. It has a very strong citrus type scent. Not bergamot, but more floral. If it is geranium then it is unlike any of the geranium scents that I have smelled.

The scent settles quickly and the dark moist tobacco is not cloying and blows out relatively easily. This snuff is not sticky and cleans up just fine. Now having caught my eye, I am faced with another line of snuffs to try!

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Rich, robust

Very nice plain cured tobacco. No added flavours here. I get pipe tobacco, leather and earth. Good burn. Medium to high nicotine. Highly recommend.

Samuel Gawith Kendal Brown Plain 25g

Dark, non-cloying, rich tobacco. Not for those times when you need a quick pick-me-up; more for the leisure hours when you want to slow down and savour a fine flavour.

Medium-low nicotine, but that isn't really the point of this one: it's the characterful tobacco that this one focuses on, and Sam Gawith do that very well indeed.

According to their web site, SG make this from a single tobacco base and use a light citrus scent, though it's the tobacco rather than the citrus which dominates. It takes a little while for the aroma to develop in the nose (and for this reason it's best taken when no trace of stronger-scented snuffs remain there), but this adds to the overarching sense of the natural tobacco which this one carries.

Reasonably moist, nevertheless this is a coarse grind so be prepared to have grains scattered on and around you. This one doesn't clog and taking it is, in all respects (save perhaps for the low nicotine), an enjoyable experience.