Samuel Gawith Black Arabica

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John Castle
Ring-a-ding, baby!

This stuff is serious business. The coffee flavoring synergizes with and amplifies the tobacco in a way that puts the "flavor" here completely over the top, and the nicotine delivery falls right in line with that over the top ideal. This one might not be such a good choice for snuff newcomers, on account of that, but for a nose properly seasoned to receive, this delivers in full.

I'd describe the flavor as 'dark roast meets pipe tobacco'. I know there are some who dislike tap boxes, and I'd want this in the tin as well -- at home -- but, out and about, a 10g tap box of this is practically a requirement for Yours Truly.

Robert Lettieri
Best of the best

This is my all time fav must have snuffs that I carry ALL THE TIME. It’s very reminiscent of a deep coffee espresso like black coffee. Very large grind with a great nick buz and kick. Great throat drip. Love this product . If you like to smoke a pipe this is the snuff for you


Really fine snuff. The scent reminds me of the way Copenhagen smells. Which isn’t attractive to me at all. However, in the nose it’s ground coffee beans of the cheap variety, in a good way of course. At first I had to work to get the scent of coffee but with more use it’s obvious. I really enjoy the coffee scent which linger a long time. It reminds me of blu ecig tobacco flavor from ten years ago. This might not be a good comparison but It’s such a good scent. Reminiscent of sweet buttered popcorn. Anyhow, the scent is coffee light tobacco, fig.

Stephen H
Black Coffee

This more complex than just black coffee. I get campfire and leather along with dark rich tobacco as well. Great nicotine burn at first, but the drip can irritate your throat. That said, this is a great all day snuff. I love this in the morning with coffee. The tin aroma is amazing and gets better with age. Some brands smell great when you first open them, but then dwindle away. The grind is course (nothing like McChrystal's) and is moist. I'd say the nicotine level is medium-high. Too many bumps and you'll feel off. Pace yourself and enjoy this rich, non-menthol snuff. Love it

mark dalton
Gwaith coffee snuff

As already noted . This is my go to beautiful aroma and strong.thanks mr snuff and of course samuel