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Eric Perlinger

Wee Drams is a warm snuff with a mild burn, but only present right at the onset. Its flavours are subtle and well-balanced, with nothing too dominant that may overwhelm or cause any form of offense. There are hints of leather, vanilla and candied orange peel, which serve as a pleasant refreshment, which does not mask or alter the taste of any drink it is meant to accompany. Good with scotch, as it is not too sweet, it is a particularly fine pairing to an Old Fashioned. This inoffensive snuff is not the stuff of exotic locales, but rather, a visit, right down the street, to your favourite local speakeasy.

Sir CatsALot
Try a minor first!

Although I can see this pairing well with a whiskey on the rocks, it's flavor is subtle and hard to pin down. A bit nutty, a bit vanilla. Very mild. You will like be it or go "meh"