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McChrystal's Vintage Velvet

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Eric Perlinger

I am a fan of suburban strip mall barber shops. Not the hipster locales that look like Victorian apothecaries, but cheap places with linoleum floors, chipped laminate furnishings and flickering neon lights. Barber shops run by old Italian men who have stubble stuck under their nicotine-stained finger nails and shave you with a shavette rather than with a proper straight razor; places that smell of Barbacide and hot shaving cream from old electric dispensers. Admittedly it is a particular fetish, as is the case for Vintage Velvet, whose distinctive flavouring triggered the memory. A little dry and of medium grind, its nicotine levels are on the low side. Clean tasting, it offer’s a happy trip down amnesia lane.

Zack V
Really an off-putting "old-lady" scent

I had tried O&G as my first snuff, and wanted to try something on another end of the spectrum so I found this (packaged as "Violet" in the B&M store here in the USA) and decided to buy. Upon opening the tin, I was amazed at the sickly sweet floral note that arose...immediately reminding me of an old lady's perfume or overly cloying soap.

I hoped it would grow on me after a few pinches, but it didn't at all. In fact, it now almost turns my stomach to think of the scent, which lingered sickly in my nose for far too long. Also, the nic hit was much milder than O&G, which I found I missed.

This stuff is going in the trash can. Hard to imagine many folks liking this as a regular all-day snuff or even a pleasant change of pace.

Gillette shaving cream

Got this snuff with my last order to see how I’d feel about it and .... it smells of Gillette shaving cream and I personally wouldn’t recommend this one

Ben F.
A favorite

I really enjoy this snuff during evening walks. It has a strong association for me with pleasant summer night strolls around the neighborhood and that's generally when I bring it with me. Strong floral scent grew on me and now I love it to the point I buy it with every order it seems.

Recommended for those who like floral scents or are at least willing to try them.

McChrystal's Vintage Velvet 3.5g

The floral scent is chemical and unnatural. No tobacco scent at all. Feels like an air freshener in the nose