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Bayne Balaski
Sturco has bite.

I find Sturco a little stronger in the menthol delivery than Jip, which is a favourite of mine. Definitely a great sinus clearer. It finishes on a more tobacco note for me. Not as smooth and sweet as Jip. Still a great addition to my collection.

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Eric Perlinger
Camphor Q-Tip

Sturco is the strongest of McCrystal’s mentholated snuffs. It is high in nicotine, of medium moisture and strongly mentholated. I also taste a distinguishing peppermint note that is not found in either McCrystal’s Original, Highland Ice or JIP. It does not have the sweetness of McCrystal’s Glacier. Sturco has great sinus clearing properties; like doing a Covid test, but first dipping the cotton swap in Tiger Balm.

Nick H.

He'd say don't be a pussy Simon!!!

This needs more reviews!

I've had a tin of JIP in the last order I made and thoroughly enjoyed it. Honestly I'd need to try the two side by side to really look for the difference between them. They're both high menthol snuffs but just based on memory I feel comfortable saying the JIP seemed more sharp in the menthol delivery while this one seems to have a very (and I mean very) slightly more rounded delivery with a sweeter note in the background consistently through the menthol delivery. While JIP had a sweet scent after the menthol had subsided. Or hell, for all I know this snuff and JIP merely have different labels and I'm overthinking it lmao. Regardless this is a very good snuff and I will for sure be reordering in the future. On a side note I find it very strange that every other McChrystal's snuff has a review somewhere except this one. I'd be highly interested to see what Simon Moorhouse thinks about this one since he's a JIP veteran.