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Eric Perlinger
London Fog

SP is a mild bergamot and lemon blend that showcases the tobacco more than the citrus flavouring. It is similar to Smoker’s Blend, but much milder; I would say it is almost creamier. Low in moisture and of medium grind, its nicotine content is on the low side. It is a civilized snuff, to be enjoyed on a lazy weekend’s morning whilst perusing either the Financial Times or the funny papers, whichever brings you more mirth.

Great sp

This is a great SP. I really enjoy the level of bergamot they decided to go with. This one lets the base tobacco shine through along with the delightful light but persistent bergamot. Not my all day but I always keep some on hand for when the mood strikes. Probably my favorite sp out there.

Manny Allegro
Great SP

I find this one a great addition to the SP side of the palate - in fact Id go so far as to note my slight preference to Wilsons SP100, or Gawiths SP . I get Bergamot 8/10 , lemon 2/10 - perhaps black pepper 2/10, there is a bitterness to it like pecan. Scent medium to long lasting. Grind is not super fine ( more coarse that HDT say ) but standard in its cohort. Moisture - is moderate mine wasn't dry , but not clumpy, quite fluffy texture. Insufflated it can pepper the throat ( which I like ). Minimal front drip moderate rear drip. No clogging. Can pound through this stuff ! Good nicotine content say, moderate.

McChrystal's S.P 21g

I've heard this snuff is low in moisture. Mine was too, but I'm not 100% on that. Low in bergamot, and a great tobacco base. Very well balanced fine grind. Goes into your throat easily, so take care snuffing. Bright orange in color, and medium nicotine. A must have for any SP lover, and a big can of this is cheap in price! I've heard tell this snuff is hard to come by, so scoop it up!