McChrystal's Original and Genuine 200g

McChrystal's Original and Genuine 200g

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McChrystal's Original and Genuine is just that, an original blend of tobaccos and Aesculapian botany that captures the genuine meaning of a medicated snuff. There is a precise mixture of camphor and menthol that activate the base feel in the nose then followed by a bitter sweet ending re-mindful of citronella. The mid moist and fluffy grind pack a nice nicotine kick. This is a very well balanced blend that can easily be set apart from other mentholated offerings. This is a must if you want unique and righteous snuff.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.
Mini: 3.5 g.
Small: 4.4 g.
Large: 8.75 g.
X-large: 21 g.
Tub: 200 g.
Also available by the dozen.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Michael Ambush (Brooklyn, US)
I like Jip and Sturco much better

Not sure why but this one seemed metallic a little. I couldn't use it. Maybe I just got a bad tin. Not sure that's a thing.

D. (Colonial Heights, US)
Original and great.

I can't imagine a medicated/menthol snuff being any better than this. It has the right amount of moisture, nicotine, and menthol to make this an effortless, all-day, everyday snuff.

C.H. (Bellingham, US)
Q: More than a snuff?

Not much to add to the product description listed here, it covers all the bases. What I will say, is that I typically do not love most medicated/mentholated snuffs I've tried, and certainly tend not to use them all day long. Not so with McChrystal's O & G! I absolutely adore it. Perfect, fluffy grind, moisture content, balance of aromas, middle of the road vitamin N. . . it truly is dreamy and always leaves me satisfied yet wanting more at the same time. Furthermore, it does not burn my nose or cause excessive rebound from the menthol and camphor, as I seem to experience with other menthol snuffs.

To me, this is more than a snuff or nic fix: it's a good mood in a can! When I'm feeling down, I want this snuff above all others. I went from buying a sample tin to a whole dang tub of it.

B.T. (Columbus, US)
Magical 🤯🤯

This is my favorite snuff so far other than red bull, and it tastes a lot like it with a pleasant citrus finish on the end. 🤤🤤 Like candy

Excellent snuff

First snuff I've tried and it's great! 11/10 would recommend