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Abraham Bernstein
Menthol baseball bat to the face!!

I purchased the 12 mini sample pack and I have tried most of the flavors so far.
This is a fantastic very mint menthol that lasts for a bit longerthan the others I've tried except for Glacier. With a fine grind and a nice medium nicotine hit, it's an all day everyday flavor.
I do end up blowing my nose more because like Depeche Mode said "I just can't get enough!!!"

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Eric Perlinger
Aqua Velva

Olde English is a nice hit of both menthol and camphor, bracing like the smack of cold aftershave. It is fresh and serves the same purpose as brushing your teeth first thing in the morning. I use it to clean my nasal passages between flavoured snuffs as a way to re-establishing the baseline. Without bite, it is a good daily pinch that puts a spring in your step and awakens all of your senses.

Alex Fife
Take a Cool Walk With Olde English

I received this one in the assortment variety pack of McChrystal's. It was one of the last ones I tried and I think it might be my favorite right now.

The hit is heavy on the menthol and can make my eyes water, especially first thing in the AM. It wakes you up. The menthol is stronger than Highland Ice but without the after-note of leather, it's a fluffy-ish yet fine grind with light moisture.

And the fresh sensation lingers like your cold breath while taking a brisk walk through the streets London on a late winter evening. Definitely worth trying.

McChrystal's Olde English 8.75g

Great menthol taste, but can't do it on a regular bases. Menthols tend to cause swelling in my sinuses. I love this snuff just have to use it sparingly.