McChrystals JIP 200g

McChrystals JIP 200g

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McChrystal's Jip! is a flagship snuff whose namesake was given to President Lincoln's faithful companion. This little dog had the run of the White House during that memorable presidency and was said to have helped assuage the president's many burdens. This snuff has some of the same virtues. A pleasure that is available anywhere at any time with a nice pleasant nudge of endorphins to help through the day. The medicated nature of this blend is a blast of cool spices. The initial menthol subsides to camphor or eucalyptus and finally ends up on top of a lovely tobacco taste. The feel in the nose is quite refreshing with a medium moist texture and a medium grind. Well worth the try as a contender for the medicated slot in your rotation. Enjoy a pinch.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.
Small: 4.4 g.
Tub: 200 g.

Customer Reviews

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Brody Rain (Greenwood, US)
Everyday Snuff 💯

Just like Simon there's always a tin of jip in my pocket! This snuff is absolutely fantastic 👏 everything about it from the grind to the menthol levels are perfect. To me it's a nice everyday medicated Menthol with a hint just a every so slightly hint of orange in the background floating around whispering to your senses.

Stuart Harris (Billericay, GB)
Great product !

Wow, this product really packs a punch but has a great menthol effect that hits perfectly, really happy and think I found a new favourite snuff

Nathan Talty (Kitchener, CA)
This is the Jip!

This has to be one of my favorite snuffs I have come across to-date.

I started off with O&G from McChrystals and then went to S.P and then Highland Ice. All of these snuffs where amazing to keep me interested in the hobby and to explore. I orderd a large shipment of snuffs from MrSnuff to try out and this one has got to be hands down my favorite. The effects and smell are exactly what I am after, its a little pick me up - with a excellent refreshing minty scent.

If you ever debated trying this snuff - DO IT!

Thank me later.

Jake Misner (Kalamazoo, US)
Top Snuff

This is defiantly one of my Top 5 snuffs. Reddish medium fine cut. Nice and fluffy. Kind of sweet and mentholated. Has a wicked kick to it. Top Shelf Quality.

Kiefy (Miami, US)

Excellent snuff. Very fluffy, easy to take but with a menthol/eucalyptus punch. Has some sweetness to it. Definitely in my top 5 menthols. Wish they had an in-between size instead of the tiny tin and giant tub.