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Abraham Bernstein
Vicks Vapo Rub, but in a good way.

Ok, so I'm in Florida. I don't know if you have the Vicks Inhalers in the UK. So this may make no sense to most, but us "Colonials" will get it. That makes it sound much too strong, but it is very nice. I love the scent/flavor ( I still don't know exactly how to describe this) chamfor and menthol for the win!

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Eric Perlinger

The name Highland Ice is a misnomer, as this snuff is more medicated than cool. Its camphor is predominant, erasing the menthol it contains. If ice is what you are looking for, I recommend Pöschl’s Gletcher Prise, whose menthol is so frosty that icicles start dripping from your nose. Nonetheless it is a wonderful snuff that I enjoy using in alternation with McCrystal’s CBD. Red like the famed walls of Marrakech, it is the stuff of rest & relaxation; perfect while on leave, like a simple gin & tonic serving to put one’s nerves at ease. Less intense than Wilson’s Grand Cairo, it is fitting for a statesman. I picture Winston Churchill at La Mamounia, with a used tin of it on his easel, dipping his brush in it to deftly mix his aquarelle.

Dennis Garrett
High Land Ice Fresh mountain air!

Purchased a can of this snuff picked out large can still got a small can guess they dont come in the form of 25 grams cans. This snuff is a lighter brown tobacco
It has a red stain to it lite red like some of the gawith snuffs. Cant figure out the composition of the light red tobacco yet but know its a special mixture and flavor snuff formula. The grind of the tobacco is very fine so the small can should last a long time. I took a couple of snuff shots and was in pain too big of snuff shots. Then after rolling around on the floor in pain I got a big block chain hit of nicotine over flavor and then the flavor of menthol and camphor kicked in and got a mountain of fresh air. Its like a medicated snuff so its not a all day snuff! I dumped some of it into my white snuff bowl and the tobacco stains the bowl and fingers when you take a pinch in the color of lighter brown and light red! Tobacco has super fine particales sniff small and lightly

Another favorite!!

Apart from some fruity and plain snuffs that I take in between, I prefer mentholated/medicated snuffs. Highland Ice has become my new favorite all day snuffs. It seems to be a more disciplined version of Hedges L 260, by not being as strong, which makes it a perfect all day snuff for me. After the second or third pinch in a row, it gets kind of creamy and smooth, while the menthol keeps supporting the fine scents. Very very pleasant. Highly recommended!!!

Sir CatsALot
Lovely, clean aroma.

Very clean menthol sensation without strong flavour. Glacier has a stronger menthol but with more if a scotch mint flavour. This stuff has less of a discernable flavour with nice kick. I like both but this one a little more because of its mild sensation.