McChrystal's Glacier

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Customer Reviews

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Abraham Bernstein

Ok, so I have to say, this is as cold as a snuff could be made and still be enjoyable! It is a new favorite for me. I love the "clarity of cool" this provides. SO DAMN YUMMY!!! Totally love it! I get a real jolt from this snuff and it puts a real pep in my step and I have crossed eyes for a few minutes, but they go back to normal after my face has defrosted.....

Ian Buckley
Says it straight Forward

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like if you got clocked by a glacier?......yeah no one really wants to know, but it's the closest thing to what you'd think it feels like. A feeling of frigid cold going straight to your dome that will wake up anyone. Sounds unpleasant, but definitely the best feeling when you are on the go knowing you have a long day ahead. Would highly recommend if you are looking for something that's going to keep you up for long-hauling days. You'll be alert for awhile.

Donna B
Consistently Cooling

Always a nice cool pinch and consistent quality.

Alex Fife
Refreshing Pick Me Up

Glacier from McChrystal's is a refreshing and bright snuff with a strong spearmint/menthol. Like another reviewer stated it is a very nice morning snuff that clears out the sinuses and gets you going. There are herbal notes on the finish. If you are a mint fan - this one is for you.

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Eric Perlinger
St. Nick

Good children have nothing to fear from McChrystal’s glacier. Like ground candy cane it induces sugar plum fairies to dance in your head. Similar to Bernard’s Stiff Prise, yet much sweeter like the blessed children it is crafted to please.