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Fribourg and Treyer Seville

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Customer Reviews

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Dr. Bream
Sensual beyond compare

Seville is the most sensual tobacco you will ever put into your snoot. Hands down. A pinch goes in, and you’re suddenly lolling on the perfumed bedsheets of an uptown bordello in 18th century Paris. It’s outright decadent, and possibly sinful. If you are drawn to a mild nicotine snuff, redolent of a woman’s body, then you should buy every tin available from Mr. Snuff. If you’re a monk, having a dry spell, or otherwise not immune to carnal insinuation, don’t put yourself through this. It’s too much. Know your limits and look elsewhere. This snuff is decadent in a way that is hard to describe.

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Eric Perlinger
Spanish Train

The molinos at Fribourg & Treyer have ground an exquisite nasal snuff that honours the memory of Brother Ramón Pané and makes proud the Sevillian ghosts of the Real Fábrica de Tabacos. Slightly floral with hints of clove, it celebrates the blossoms of the bitter orange tree. Baroque & Moorish, it calls to mind Flamenco dancers exorcising their demons in the sweltering summer heat. In a dining car of the fabled Spanish Train, I see God and the Devil sharing a pinch while awaiting the preparation of their cocktails by Pascal-Olivier, Comte de Negroni.

Matt Byers
My Everyday Snuff. Cannot live without this!

I use this everyday and I am currently out of stock here at home, and will be awaiting another order. Description of this snuff is Neroli, Orange Flower Oil which is slight and not overpowering, and I would venture to say that some people may not even catch the Orange scent in this because it is blended so well. So smoothly. It also has what I believe to be a little more than a slight after taste of sandalwood, though also hard to tell because it all blends together so well but definitely is in there somewhere. I know because I tried recreating this snuff myself with essential oils and I came close, only when I added a little Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil to the Mix. Unlike what I have read that others say about F&T’s Seville, it does not have a soapy scent to it at all, though some may smell a tiny bit of baby powder. I, however, do not detect any baby powder type of flavor but I notice that some have. Very slight in the sense you may not pick up on it at all. This blend from Fribourg and Treyer remind me of what it might be like to walk down the streets of London, exploring and having a good ole time. It has that smell that just is able to bring back memories as well as allow you to escape into dreamland, and that said by no means will make you tired. It energizes me all while relaxing my mind. No flavor like it out there boys! Give her a go.

Fribourg & Treyer Seville 25g

A beautiful simple fragrance. Fine and fluffy. Neroli, orange flower oil, is something special. A familiar scent for most makes a nice perfumed snuff for dreamland adventuring. A common soap scent and has a nice sharpness about it. Nice tobacco base like all the F&T snuffs.