Bernard Klostermischung 10g

Bernard Klostermischung 10g

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Bernard Klostermischung is homage to the monastery that first compounded this unique mixture. This is a dark and by schmalzler standards, quite dry; most of the moisture is from the fat. The flavor is sweet like dried raisins and maple sugar which provides a lovely accompaniment to the rich and smoky tobacco blend underneath. Easy to take and provides an ample nicotine hit. This may be the best introduction to schmalzler snuffs and can quickly become a favorite in your collection. Genießen Sie eine Prise!

Available in a convenient 10 g dispenser or box of twenty.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Pawel Skiba (Hounslow, GB)

I am werry happy. From few months i am tasting all bernard's snyff and they are best in whole world.

Duncan Rosslair (Liverpool, GB)
Maple and nuts delight

This is a fantastic snuff, not too moist and bursting with flavour. Initial smells of smoky maple and rum eventually blend with nuts and chargrilled ham. A feast for the senses and one I snuff every day. This is one of the finest snuffs you can lay your nose on.

James Keep (Louisville, US)
Coffee Bread Goodness

Wow. This snuff is amazing. It reminds me of when my father was stationed in Giesen, Germany, and my mother, brother, and I, joined him for his deployment. We jumped headfirst into learning about our host country and visited many places, including Heidelberg. During one of their Renaissance Faires, we sampled fresh coffee bread. It was sweet, bitter, and full of flavors like chocolate, raisin, molasses, and spices. My 7 years old mind was blown that day. I'd never tasted anything like that before, and, regrettably, I have never found anything approaching it, again. Until I found this snuff! I was almost in tears as the smells and tastes took me back to that day. I am very grateful to have found this beauty. It is very moist, easy to take, long lasting, and a nice nicotine hit. Love the container it comes in as well. Very easy to use and carry in the pocket. Give this snuff a try if you like coffee, smoky, semi sweet and bitter flavors. You will NOT be disappointed.

Ben (London, GB)
Smoky and Sweet

Very dark, medium moisture and an explosion of aromas right from the beginning. Smoke is dominant, but every inhale really opens it up. Would make a lovely autumn snuff suggestive of dates, toffee, campfires and a fragrant wood resin.
The kick is deceptive and it sneaks up on you before you get the urge for another pinch. It's a slow burner for sure. By the time your nose starts to run, you will feel a comforting warmth and satisfaction.

I really love these old recipes and this one doesn't disappoint. Close your eyes and be transported to the monastery of times gone by!

R.M. (Little Rock, US)
My All Time Favorite

When I first got into snuff, I had no idea what a schmalzer was. I was curious about the mischievious monk on the tap box. I've had the majority of Bernard's offerings, and tried numerous snuffs over my 10 year experience, and for me, this is my all time favorite. The snuff is rather coarse and moist, a deep dark brown. The scent in the tap box is brown sugar and slightly smoky. In the nostrils, it's glorious. I get dates, molasses syrup and rum. The nicotine is quite strong in this, and it will make your nose run. Be sure to carry a napkin or something to blow your nose with, cause you're going to need it. I like to take this and follow it with a white snuff from India, or SWS Latakia. But by itself, it is a stand alone masterpiece, my favorite from Bernard's, and my absolute favorite all time snuff. I get this in nearly every order and am always disappointed when it begins to run low. A certain must have for all snuffers!