6 Photo Medicated No.66

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Dr Sniffles
Menthol lovers dream

Last one I opened out of my recent order. As soon as the seal comes off, the menthol & spices fill your nose. Removing the lid just intrigues the senses. Nicotine is very light. Almost have to eat a few big pinches to get a pop. Many small pinches in the hooter and you can control the drip and burn. I find I get heavy drip both ways and a slight burn. Menthol lasts longer than Toque or a favorite Jip but also very different in spices too. Jip is smooth and wonderful. 66 is a bit more wild & longer lasting. I almost find it more refreshing in the mouth. Becoming a very strong 2nd favorite.

Dennis Garrett
6 Photo 66 is great!

Purchased 6 Photo and higland ice liked this one best so far. This snuff had more moisture than higland ice and camphor with mystery flavor add that taste like kids play dough! The play dough is mild and does not last I suggest these snuff companies contact flavor making companies and come up with new and more flavors added to snuff. The highland ice seems to have more tobbacco nicotine in it. I think 6 Photo 666 is the best medicated snuff and no one can beat it but was not for sale when I made my monthly purchase. Think all the snuffs worth trying but dont sell your self short by not adding your favorite snuff first! This snuff has moisture in it and is clumpy and highland ice has particales so fine you take small snuff hits and the small can should last a long time.

6 Photo Medicated No.66 30g

Out of the three numbers 6 and six six and six six six number six six is by far I do believe the best one that they have made it is perfectly balanced more than excellently long time it lingers and clears the sinuses and just makes you feel good excellent!

6 Photo Medicated No.66 30g

Amongst the 6 photo medicated ones, this one is my favorite. I use it at least once or twice every day since it gives me a clear head and a bit of relief on the onset of a migraine. Amazing nose clearing capacity and a must try for menthol and camphor lovers. Stays in the nose for a looooonnggg time. A must for me in my arsenal to give my migraines a worthy opponent.

6 Photo Medicated No.66 8g

like all of the 6 photo snuffs, this is a very nice one to have in your collection. I have them all. It is quite a bit different than lets say Wilsons of sharrows SM500....not that it isnt nice as well. But I prefer the Wilsons. I guess this is like trying to say which bourbon you prefer. My tastes vary and this one is a fine and very satisfying snuff.....I would try the 8 gm size to see how you like it first. If you are expecting a British style menthol, then this will not be your 'cup of tea' like I said it is a very fine product, very very satisfying. This is only my opinion.