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6 Photo LA Natural

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Customer Reviews

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The Doctor with Leela
Another good madras

Maybe I'm becoming less discerning in my old age, but these butter fried madras snuffs all seem pretty much the same to me.
Very finely ground, reasonably powerful nic hit, nice tobacco flavor. A little goes a long way. If you want to quit smoking, find it hard to keep the patches lit and don't want to give up your nicotine habit, this is a good way to go.
My friends call me The Doctor or the TARDIS guy. I am a scientist, not a physician. Just an old Doctor Who fan.
Cheers! 😎

Yunus Bakihan Çamurdan
A unique combination

Roasted and crushed poppy seeds in the nose, tamarind sauce in the mouth. High-moderate nicotine, easy to take. Not 5 stars because of the excessive and persisting burn it gives.

Justin Reynolds
This is another amazing snuff from six photo i have loved every single snuff from them so far.

This is an amazing snuff with an awesome nic hit and a good moisture content for even beginning snuffers who love nicotine, it has a beautiful base tobacco, any madras snuff is just awesome and this one in particular has a delicate bouquet of delicous flavors namely lime, but the base tobacco really shines here


I like this snuff because it’s a little different. I choose this if I’m not quite sure what I want to sniff for the day. It’s not an SP but it is plain and moist with a good base tobacco scent which can’t be said for most Indian snuffs which tend to be highly perfumed. I’ve deducted a star for 1. The incense smell (which quickly subsides) and 2. The stupid tin. Regards. Snuffdog

6 Photo LA Natural 35g

This is a super nice natural tobacco snuff with a hint of lime taste to it. (the fruit). I find the snuff superbly crafted and it delivers a nic punch fit for the toughest snuffers out there! And the burn is fantastic, the best burn I've ever had with a snuff...The colour is like pale sand and the tobacco is high grade. If you like Toque 'Quit' then this is right on for you.