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Trevor Giddings
6 Photo Gold Rush 8g

Was not too sure about this after the initial few bumps. However, I would now have no hesitation in recommending giving it a try. It's most pleasant, particularly as an outdoors snuff.

6 Photo Gold Rush 8g

The aroma is of dryer sheets and lasts a long time. I know that will sound good to some people, but it

6 Photo Gold Rush 30g

This excellent snuff reminds me of the "FUBAR Jungle Fever Mango", which, however, in contrast to this more mild tobacco has a pepper note. Although the "Gold Rush", however, has a subtle menthol touch but is otherwise mild. Even the mango flavor is very accentuated and authentic.

6 Photo Gold Rush 30g

Gold Rush is nice, finely ground snuff, with a good moisture level. It has an attractive red brown appearance. The grind is probably my favorite thing, and something I appreciate about Indian snuff generally.

Opening the tin is a blast of orange, with a bit of ammonia behind it, it smells like a cleaning product. This feeling is not helped by the addition of a touch of menthol, it's like snuffing the orange de-greaser I use in my machine shop.

That said, I think I'll leave the lid off for a bit and let it air out and breathe, I'd prefer if the scent were a little milder, and the orange/ammonia mix doesn't work for me. Ammonia can be great in an unscented snuff, but this is too much.

I'm not entirely sure what makes this English style, unless you're looking for an SP extreme. I'm sure someone out there will enjoy it.