6 Photo Coffee Kick 8g

6 Photo Coffee Kick 8g

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Get a pure hit of a coffee flavor when you open and partake in the joy of 6 Photo Coffee Kick. The name reflects the product quite well. The long lasting coffee sensation is followed by a powerful nic hit. Morning, noon or night, guaranteed to please every time.

Available in convenient sealed containers.

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Brian Witowski (Maricopa, US)
New to this, but...

Wayyyy back in 1976 when I was only about 15 or 16 years old, for the 1776 Bi-Centennial, there were some street vendors in our small town selling, "Snuff". I didn't know what it was but the guys I was hanging with, did. I remember it blew my brains out, smelled good and cleared my nose. Fast forward 45 years or so.

I've been exclusively using nicotine gum since 2009 because I had cardiac bypass surgery. It's done the job for the most part. But, I still missed the rush of real tobacco.

I ordered a large can of this coffee stuff from Mr Snuff. I'll admit, I didn't know how to use it. I thought you use it like cocaine. I put a small dot on my hand and inhaled it like you would cocaine. It hit the back of my head, my head lit up like a nuclear missile, I was WIDE awake, then I calmed down. I thought, "I must be doing something wrong". The, "aftersmell" was nice. I savored it. So I did some research and realized, the idea wasn't to get it in the back of your sinuses! I tried taking very light, "smells". That helped but some still got into my throat. Could have been because I trim my nose hair. I hate the tickle of nose hair.

So, now that I know how to properly, 'smell' it without blowing the back of my head out, it's still quite potent. And after I take a hit, if I sniff just to get it all in my nose, I'll get some in my throat and cough.

All that being said, I have a 50 lb. drum to go through so I guess I'll learn to deal with it. :D After the back-drip stops, I like the aroma. It's more like Mocha that coffe. Or, I might compare it to the smell of freshly ground coffee, which is different that drinking it. If anybody knows af a better grind/moistness for folks like me, please let me know!

Daniel Salazar Ariza (Medellín, CO)
Snuff Mix of coffee and medicinal touch

To start a greeting to snuff lovers, I am from Colombia, snuff is not common here and it is something that makes me sad since this is a country where in ancient times it was common even before From Christopher Columbus, but hey, when I opened the can of this snuff, I got that aroma of coffee but not the typical smell, it was an aroma that reminded me of the roasted Colombian coffee grounds.After trying it, I found that touch of menthol which gave it that plus compared to other coffee snuff, I really recommend it, it seems delicious.

6 Photo Coffee Kick 30g

Glorious. Tremendous coffee scent with a touch of menthol!

6 Photo Coffee Kick 8g

i agree with the scent moccha, not regular coffee, menthol is not overpowering, cooling fades into some sweet and creamy impression.
the grind is fine, yet the moisture makes it easy to take, nicotine content is medium, backdrip (smooth) happens often, nosecleaning isnt easy after few pinches in a row

6 Photo Coffee Kick 8g

Only my second coffee snuff I have ever tried, the other being my well regarded (but HATE the tap-tin) Toque Silver Dollar Coffee. While I am still trying to figure out the best way to take this snuff, I find that it is quite easy to take.

It *is* medicated which surprised me when I got it. I wasn't sure how the menthol would pair up to the coffee flavor it gives but if mint-chocolate chip ice cream is good, that will give you a brilliant description on how those two flavors pair up here. In a mint-chocolate chip kind of way, I say the flavor is delicious. Depending on how it's taken, I found to get a nice medicated menthol hit, once the menthol burn and it fades (triggers my nose to run if not taken correctly just like hedges, but as with hedges, I notice I take this to trigger that so I can blow my nose) to a rather nice and sweet coffee to almost chocolate flavor. The ghee used in processing I swear I can pick out as well.

It is clumpy, sticky, very moist, and as such, hard to get on my hand properly for a whiff. I just cannot master the pinch at all with it, it's just too heavy to lift without quite a bit of force. On the other hand however, you have to try hard to get it too far up the nostril which is a huge plus.

The nicotine hit is quite nice! I wouldn't put it on the level of white elephant of course not, but I would say it is on a similar level to Toque Bourbon. The smell will linger for a long time on your hands and in your nose. Definitely recommend it, even for a beginner. So long as you don't mind having to use a hanky or tissue more.