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If you're a fan of pure chocolate flavoured snuff, then this is the purchase for you. It includes an excellent kick with the lightest of menthol hints, while simultaneously you'll be experiencing a lightly medicated dessert scent. A charmingly gentle floral finish is included within the 30g English type snuff, that will work significantly when placed up your nostril. We guarantee a mild dose of chocolicious will endure a comfortable experience that satisfies a lengthy and comfortable amount of time.

Chocolicious is an easy sniffing product, which is ideal for newcomers or anyone who envisions of a unique snuff encounter. The chocolate sensation is upfront with a good quality Indian camphor that is easy to apply. We hope you have a positive chocolate sensation from 6 Photo.

Customer Review: Great lightly medicated dessert scent. Chocolate is upfront with a mild dose of good quality Indian camphor and a pleasantly sweet floral finish. This is a scent that will stick around your nose and upper lip for a bit; fortunately it is extremely pleasant. The camphor in this snuff is far less aggressive and more enjoyable than chemical menthol. Well done.

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