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This is by far overall the best snuff. I’ve tried nearly all brands and flavors and this is my go to. The chocolate is perfect and not artificial. The menthol is very nice and subtle kick. The consistency of the tobacco is my favorite, not chunky or to thin. The nicotine hit is very pleasing. And the 30g can is an awesome size. I will buy this snuff and always have it on me forever.

6 Photo Chocolicious 30g

Outstanding sniff! Mixes well with others (esp. Toque St Clements or SP Extra) but also Viking Blonde.

I'll be keeping a stock of this on hand for a very long time!

6 Photo Chocolicious 30g

Just received this in the post today. As others have said it's a rich chocolate smell with a bit of a menthol under-tone. I love the sturdy tin that it comes in also.

Highly recommend!

6 Photo Chocolicious 8g

Was not sure about this snuff at first...Chocolate Snuff??? That sounds weird indeed... however this one is not bad at all and have found it a nice change of pace from any other snuffs I have tried (Coffee Kick included). Both of these were the last snuffs I tried from the 6 Photo sampler pack thinking it would be weird and not my cup of tea, couldn't be further from the truth.

The Chocolate does hide the Tobacco scent and all I detect is straight up chocolate with a little Mint/Menthol that helps enhance the scent without being too overpowering. Scent seems to last a while as well giving it pretty good longevity, although it doesn't compare to Polschl Schmaltzer SF which LASTS a crazy long time.

Grind is similar to other 6 Photo and is on the moist side so no worries about coughing and is easy to take.

Overall, this is a bit of a novelty although snuff in general could be considered a novelty I guess. Would recommend it for something a bit different or a sweet Desert Snuff.

6 Photo Chocolicious 30g

Great lightly medicated dessert scent. Chocolate is upfront with a mild dose of good quality Indian camphor and a pleasantly sweet floral finish. This is a scent that will stick around your nose and upper lip for a bit; fortunately it is extremely pleasant. The camphor in this snuff is far less aggressive and more enjoyable than chemical menthol. Well done.