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Solid & Down To Earth Snuff...

I like the Cheeta. It grabs your attention immediately when sniffed. I lightly sniff snuff. This stuff, just a wee pinch between thumb and index finger. Due to its dry nature, it fills and expands in the nostril well. I use to live in India in the state of Maharashtra for a couple of years as a pre-teen, and Cheeta reminds me of some of those early morning smells as we would depart in the early morning hours to the train station in Boisar, and travel to Bombay (now named Mumbai) twice a month. Very lite scents of dried grass, dried water buffalo patties, flowers, earth, life, etc. Decent Vitamin N that expands into the forehead area. Using the tip of the spoon of a Czech tool works fine as well. Except for the cow patties, I think you'll enjoy it... ;)

Yunus Bakihan Çamurdan
For nicotine fiends only

Ubiquitous 'incense' is faint, with mineral, to put more squarely, chalky overtones. Hard to take, like in other Indian white snuffs. The burn is sharp, yet fades quickly. The taste is nothing to write home about. Rich in nicotine, even richer in alkaline agents. Anyways, makes a good mixer for snuffs of similar grain.

Justin Reynolds
Amazing White Snuff I love this stuff

Im just gonna start this off by saying i LOVE white snuffs, the only one i have yet to try that i know is dholokia, This snuff in particular is amazing, it has a very nice light hint of some kind of wonderful scent that does remind of incense a little bit but its very slight. This one is not for beginners its a tough sniff, but if you are a beginner id say go ahead and grab it because once you get these down you can snuff anything, Just sniff very lightly!!!

The Doctor with Leela
Use it for higher nic hit

This and the ones like it are very fine which can make them difficult to snuff.
I find them best used to mix in with your favorite snuff to up the nicotine hit.

Best snuff ever!

I wasn't expecting it to be so good, I'm newish to snuff (3 months) and I'm just getting into the White varieties. This is an unflavored product with a light barnyard scent (sounds gross but avid users love it) and pale tan in color. It's not like many snuffs where the added scents overpower everything. It lets the unusual yet delightful scent of the sun cured Rustica come through. It's pretty inexpensive and I hope it stays that way because I'm going to buy again and again and again! I even keep some by my bed for those late night hankerings and as an eye opener first thing in the morning. Causes zero nose drip and is actually easy to take, once you've mastered your technique. Newbies should stay away tho, until your ready for the big time. It packs quite the wallop but if you snuff it wrong it goes straight into your throat and lungs which is no fun. Haven't tried White Elephant yet (got it on order)but I've heard Cheeta compared to that. This is a great buy.