6 Photo Anarkali


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With 6 Photo Anarkali comes a rose flavoured, tingling sensation all within range of different container sizes. Dawned from Punjab, India comes a high strength nose penetration experience which evokes a sense of Royal Mughals past. This composition of black magic gives a sweet, easy to apply snuff sensation in the nostril. This Indian snuff will truly be a grand testimony to the start of your day, with the scent enduring a large expense of your time.

6 Photo Anarkali incorporates a sense of menthol that isn't necessarily a strong sensation, however, will summon a refreshing touch. Anarkali means pomegranate blossom, so expect a diverse range of floral and fruity flavours. In terms of Indian heritage, Anarkali was supposedly born as Sharif-un Nissa and had a relationship with the Crown Prince Jahangirand the Mughal Emporer Akbar, which her character has made an impression on many sources of entertainment.

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