Covid-19 Shipping

We are monitoring the situation carefully, and following guidelines from the World Health Organisation and the government to keep us all as safe as possible.

So far, we are able to continue operating mostly as normal, and you are able to continue placing orders as normal.

How will this affect my orders?

You are still able to place orders from the website as normal, and they will be packaged and shipped the same or next business day. With so few aircraft flying air cargo is a fraction of what it was prior to the pandemic. Also many border checks are becoming stricter. You should expect delays in delivery of your orders. Normal shipping estimates do not apply at the present moment, especially if you are ordering to a country which has enacted new border controls, or to an area that is in lock down.

For our Canadian customers we have managed to keep things rolling by shipping from our UK warehouse. For some reason the government does not consider White Fox to be an 'essential'item. For that reason our Montreal warehouse has shifted shipping operations to our UK warehouse. We can still keep you supplied, just not as quickly as we would like. Please be aware that shipping times have increased from 1-2 weeks to 2-8 weeks. We can not track your order any better than you can, so there is no point asking us where your order is. We don't know beyond what the tracking information says.

Having said that, please don't worry. We will take the hit if the post office actually loses your order and will reship or refund as you prefer. A suggestion from Brian from Montreal (a fellow White Fox lover): "place an order every two weeks. Then wait. The orders will eventually start rolling in, somewhat irregularly, but you will always have a two week supply. Makes sense right?" Remember there are NO duties or taxes on White Fox.

If CRA ask for money, refuse. They are wrong. Although White Fox and our logistics partners are working hard to get your orders to you, we cannot guarantee that your order will not be affected, and cannot be liable if there is an issue arising from the current situation. Note from Kelly in Customer Service: "I love to hear from you (especially if you say something nice), before you write asking about your parcel understand that we are not the delivery service. I have no more information than you do, in fact in many cases less since I am not able to contact your local post office to make any enquiries on your behalf.

All I can do is look up your tracking number, which you can do too. Currently all orders are getting through, but the delivery times are all over the place with a range of about 10 days to 60 days. Please be patient" Stay healthy. Mr.Snuff Team