Shammah Afghani 50g

Shammah Afghani 50g

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Shammah Afghani is a blend of the best handpicked Rustica and Burley tobaccos fermented to produce a moist and dense oral snuff. Rustica being notorious for the high nicotine content with a strong taste and the Burley providing a sweet counterpoint. Shammah Aghani holds no added flavoring. This product delivers an extraordinary nicotine hits and a full tobacco taste.

Available in a convenient container size.

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Warsame Osman
Not the best

Earthy taste I really don't recommend

Shabir Shah (Walthamstow, GB)
Rotten or old

I purchased this last time round and it arrived sealed and on opening it was soft and fresh. This time ordered again and it arrived with no seals and it’s very hard and dry. :( Can anyone recommend wat can be added to get it soft. Thanks in advance.

A.B. (Westminster, US)
Hella worth it

2 Afghani Makla 50g tin wasn't enough now I have to wait till it's in stock

Z Khan (Croydon, GB)

Very good but expensive

Adam S (Lake Placid, US)
not that great

I ordered five with full confidence and to be honest was highly let down by the quality with this dip and dont want to be rude or snobby but cannot recommend it at all to an enthusiastic dipper. Tastes like expired and the buzz burned my lip so bad and the smell..forget it; like the litter box. This one went into the garbage can.