Samuel Gawith Gin & Tonic 10g

Samuel Gawith Gin & Tonic 10g

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Samuel Gawith Gin & Tonic is a snuff that evokes a traditional European remedy called Genever, a Dutch liqueur made with juniper berries. After the 17th century ban on French brandy, gin became the substitute for foreign wine and thus began the English love affair with this aqua vitae and eventually its best friend, tonic. The savors begin with the fine tobaccos used to concoct this blend; they subside to fruity and floral aromas followed with a slight bitter taste, a herbal finale ensues. The quinine tonic effect is recreated in the nose as a sparkle rather than burn and the nicotine rush is moderate but persistent. The color, moisture and grind are all intermediate but the pleasure is off the charts. Cheers and have a pinch.

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M.F. (La Grange, US)
Something of an Acquired Taste

Despite the contraction of the Samuel Gawith range over the years, several very unique snuffs are still produced by this venerable old snuff house. Gin & Tonic is one of them. The snuff delivers pleasantly crisp and clean aromas of quinine, sea salt, biscuit, wood, grass, earth, straw, lemon peel, and toffee backed by a subtle and persistent juniper presence. The grind of the flour is medium-fine. Moisture content is low-medium. Nicotine content is also somewhere between low and medium. Once one gets used to this snuff, it is almost too easy to take. I would have no issue with recommending it to snuffers looking for something a little different.

Jeff Haase
Perfect G&T

An excellent description of such a pleasant snuff. Nice burn easy to have on hand

Worth Keeping Around

Pleasant snuff. Easy to take, hardly any burn. Kind of SP-ish, but not overly so, and the Juniper berry scent lasts for a little while longer than the citrus in SP's in my experience. Good re invigoration as I step outside to check the mail with this one in the morning. Quite low in nicotine, I hardly notice any, so a very mild base in conjunction with the lack of burn. a good snuff to take in larger quantities while bored. Worth keeping around.