Simply Snuff Sanity Clause 30g

Simply Snuff Sanity Clause 30g

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Sanity Clause is a tribute to the Marx Brothers Film 'A Night At The Opera'. Who could forget Chico's famous quote in the film "You can't fool me, there ain't no Sanity Clause!"
From the moment you pop the tin open you get a perfectly balanced scent of Menthol and Clove!
The tobacco base is deep brown in colour, with medium grind, and is lovely and moist. The nicotine content does not disappoint either. The Menthol, Clove and Eucalyptus are strong and bold, and the resulting burn is to die for! If you like a strong menthol & clove snuff then you will love Sanity Clause!

"During last 2 years I've  reviewed over 350 Snuffs on my Simply Snuff! YouTube Channel. The time has come to put the experience and knowledge I have acquired to good use!

These four new Snuffs bring together a delicious range of base tobaccos and toppings to provide a new and unique snuff experience! Thanks for all your support and kindness, and I hope you enjoy these Snuffs as much as I do.

Chin Chin

Check out and support Simon's YouTube Channel here - Simply Snuff

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Customer Reviews

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Bryan Beals (Paw Paw, US)
Santa's helper

As Simon would say this is a top banana. Love the medium grind and moisture. The balance of menthol and clove is spot on. A nice treat every morning for me.

Rudy (Jordan, US)
Enjoyably Clean!

Wonderful - you get the menthol, eucalyptus & clove in harmony with one another - not one over dominating the others! Great feel - well done!!

D.P. (Ashburn, US)
Great Novelty

I tend toward more traditional snuffs, and took a flyer on this one. More of a 'dessert' snuff than the meal, so good and interesting, sorting out the flavors. They seem to be well-balanced, nothing overwhelms. It is very enjoyable, and I will buy it again.

G. (Beverly, US)

I really dig the lasting clove in this one. Sits around nicely. Well done.

C. (Chillicothe, US)
Punchy and I love it!!

I knew I'd like this one but was surprised as to how much I do. This is gonna help me survive the winter. It is what is says. Menthol, Eucalyptus and Clove and it is done beautifully. Another perfect grind and moisture, decent burn and just a very relaxing airway opening sniff.