6 Photo Fire & Ice 50g

6 Photo Fire & Ice 50g

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Fire and Ice from 6 Photo snuff has developed a long awaited response to Makla type snuffs at a truly affordable price. The flavor is inherited from a traditional Indian process that out performs all other emulators. A fiery tobacco blend partnered with the coolness of menthol crystals helps create the perfect balance of Fire and Ice. In addition, this snuff delivers a whopping nicotine clout via a moist, fermented tobacco base that is enhanced with a spicy twist. Be sure to try some soon.

Available in a convenient container size.

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robert bryan (Jacksonville, US)
Crazy wet

This came to me as wet as mud, Reminds me of soft brownies. No way I'm trying this; it would be like sniffing peanut butter. the can was kind of crushed so maybe it picked up moisture that way.

Kris (Houston, US)
Very sweet and off putting

I quite like it but the sweetness does bother me but it has a great kick, hard to use like most maklas, as well as burns the crap out of my gums.

D. (Colonial Heights, US)
One of a kind

It tastes like a medicated snuff smells, literally. The grind/texture is like a snus, only rougher, with some sharp bits, (betel nut?) in it. High nicotine, and burn. In short, it's a medicated snuff for your upper lip.

6 Photo Fire and Ice 50g

When I got my tin of fire and ice, I didn't even know about how to use it. A senior member from snuffhouse.com (basement shaman) kindly advised me, and now this is my current favorite in loose snus. I don't have a pris maker, so I hand-bake it. It is strongly flavored and helps me keep alert while on the job (and when I cannot use nasal snuff). I think I have quite a tolerance to nicotine, but I think anyone with lesser tolerance will find this strong. Definitely stronger then the begum chaap snuff. I would keep this in my kit always.