Janta Assorted Heritage pack

Janta Assorted Heritage pack

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An assorted box from Janta Naswar Factory, having 10 Jars of 8 grams of all the JNF snuff varieties. You cannot go wrong with this selection and as Forrest says," my mama always said, life is like a box of snuff". 

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bsegerso (Newport, US)

I wanted to try snuff a sort of the safest way to ingest nicotine after listening to Andy huberman who's a neuroscientist have a lot of good stuff to say about nicotine. After one use, wow what a burn. Ears popping, eyes watering, lungs clear. I've been struggling with asthma for a few years now since I'm in my mid-40s and genetic. Exercise very regularly but it doesn't matter anymore breathing is just become difficult. But after a whack of this stuff the asthma is gone. I mean I want to shout from the mountain tops. Ears popping, lungs clear. Just great. Thank you.

Heritage to the max

An excellent mix of JNF’s finest. Really happy with them all.

Mike (Sturgeon Bay, US)
Tried them

Each were very different. White horse was strong and unscented. White horse gul even stronger, like jalapeno. Big bull was strong but plane. Dragon was strong, toasted, with nearly chilly pepper notes. The medicated was a mild menthol. The gulab was somewhat sweet and aromatic. Photo had pleasant sweet spices. Six photo had strong aromatic spices, black like incense. Crystal was like a crushed breath mint white, no nicotine. The herbal one was a nice combination of scents that I considered blending with the white horse.

Just Browsing (Fareham, GB)
Excellent little Indian selection box

After seeing a YouTube video, I ordered this along with the 6 photo selection. Both arrived on the mainland UK next day (thank you).
Opened it up, its full of little highly decorated plastic drums. I peeled the labels a bit, and carefully removed the caps. At first glance, some were fine ground, some more course, some dry and fluffy, some more moist. After trying quite a few, I decided I love almost all of them. For someone whose tried almost all English snuffs, a few German etc, these Indian snuffs make quite a lovely change. The one, small, issue is that the drums aren't easy to use from, they are mostly very full, to almost overspilling, and the shape of the drums would make it hard to pinch from as the level goes down, so I decant into things more suitable and label. Highly recommended.